This is an unprofessional Collection cite. That wishes for Speech and Debate with Regards to the topics collected and Special Libraried. I wish for defense of Fair Use Doctrine, not for profit, educational collection.

"The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"

Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

If you have any problem with IP or copyright laws that you feel are in violation of the research clause that allows me to cite them as per clicking on them. Then please email me at
US Copy Right Office Fair Use doctrine. Special Libary community common law, and Speech and Debate Congressional research civilian assistant. All legal defenses to copy right infringement.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

If anyone wishes to sue me at anytime. Please post the petition on my cite.

In international court law, along with domestic law of civilized countries. To sue a person, you have to post the petition to their person. The easiest way to do that is to post it electronically on my cite. Again, I tried many times to contact people with regards to their IP. However, no one ever contacted me back, I made a good face attempt to constantly write articles then just post it at the top to say I will take it down if it offends you. I also can back all of my accusations and articles with regards to articles I have read.

If you wish to attack me legally. I dully understand. However, you must make an attempt to contact me, at that time. I will take down the cites. As I am currently working on collecting all of my citations that I have collected in public along with my notes for my book. In my jurisdiction, I have the right to free speech with such atrocities of civil rights violations as economic warfare, terrorist funding, oppression of freedom of political association and right to poll for leadership, along with a myriad of other issues, my one cite works on with regards to the MSS.

I make no assertions of being a professional. I do back up my cite with my college degree's. Which shows my ability to analytically make a nexus from one point to the next. I have written this blog post to be as non believable as possible. Where I tell stories using my cultures of Druid/Christianity story telling. Which is what my great prophet I pray too, and my great elder's who taught that prophet human electromagnetism believed in. As a Druid's life is story telling. I take this idea of the Bog Bri Oilscoil. Which is in my opinion jotted down as Blog, which just means soft, and the sentence means soft power school. As the way my ancient forefathers, from Jesus to the three wise men, all the way to Noha and the creation of collected intelligence, as my cultural defense as a way of telling a story of something that is violating in my opinion the human soul's cognition of civil rights.

Please let me know and if so attacks on me. I will take it down. As I am going professional soon, and will then follow all laws as without ability to cloak under fair use, speech and debate, non professional belief and cultural heritage.

I believe I have sent a message to every major news source in the US. Along with many magazines. Which hold the world's foremost article writers. Many of which I cite. As that is my good faith attempt to seek request. Along with that I contact the President at least 3 or four times a day. Sometimes I say pretty not smart things. So I am sure as he loves me and I him, even though I am not a Democrat anymore (because of President Clinton), it does not matter. We have the same beliefs in liberty. I also contacted many of the book writers and sent a letter. Some of which might have been a little on the romantic side. Nobody has said anything to me. Along with that I know the MSS know's I exist. As I watch their news propaganda station and specific MSS agents in it. In which multiple times when I posted a heavy heavy note article. They addressed it in public. So they could also send me a anonymous post, as our CIA does when others write about them, if they do not like it. I have made the best good faith attempt I can, to do research, like Jesus my saint and lord, as he walked around collecting stories of the current day's religion and tried to make it a better civil liberties belief.

Rider I

Friday, September 2, 2011

I have received a warning shot at my cite.

I will now close down all actions with regards to this cite and collect my life's work of collection for my book.

Thank you for the warning.

Rider I

I guess they did not like me causing at them five or six times a day. geese.

So I ran a time elapsed trial.

It will take me about 25 hours to collect everything off this webpage and place it on a paper. So I can store it and start to then categorize it.

2 posts are collected per minute around 3,000 citations. So that is around 1500 minutes then around 25 Hours.

Rider I

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My concluding remarks.

I have done extensive research for two years. I can say I am the master on this matter. In which as all I's know the one who own's it see's it. I have sent my legal and proper recommendations to the Templar's (which in number are in check to the Masons), I have sent my recommendations to the Illuminati, Masons, Anti World Communist League, FBI, CIA, White House, and a few other unnamed agencies against world conquest of single party or genome, or religion. Along with that I sent my letter to Opes Dei explaining their preachers have probable been being brain washed for decades by the MSS into pedophilia. As that is a simple brain washing experimenter.

I have found the MSS guilty of funding Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist Camp. I found them guilty of funding genocide so their own genome could take over. I have found them guilty of not following international treatise via the WTO to disband or stop massively subsidizing their State Owned Enterprises which are controlled via the SASAC as an MSS espionage tool of economic warfare. I have found the disrespect of the CCP's diplomacy is not because they are children but because they know the CIA is failing against them. I have also found that their new espionage agencies will be used to colonize other countries via economic engineering of their free trade zones. Which they will use liquidation wars like Charlie Wilson used against the Soviets to force entry of their SOE's and allow colonization of their genome and single party.

I find guilt in their actions. My order are legal and proper. I am done with this project. I now Isotope the collection cites, and leave them from my Democracy crews to read and see if my orders and findings fit their liking.

I find the MSS in line with the SS and KGB actions. However, there seems to be no government office willing to defend the US against their espionage activities. 3,000 MSS espionage bases, and a literal forced stop of a cognition against their flag, even though they have played a Communist propaganda song in the white house from a movie where they slaughter US soldiers, and have created games where their citizens slaughter our soldiers. I am no King I join the ranks and seek legal sword ship. I will clean my vulgar statements and do some dit bits on this cite to make it legal for our children to read if necessary.

I find that the MSS is responsible for the world economic crash via their constant subsidizing of the SOE's and also through massive espionage algorithmic coding. Which you would have to know who Dr. John Nash is to understand the depth of espionage algorithmic coding and terrorist puppetry. 

Your King Illuminati Druid
The Kid

Saturday, June 25, 2011

CCP and MSS Here is what I am saying

So literally there is no other person in the world who has spent a year behind the computer non stop. So I am telling you THERE ARE HARDLY ANY BOOKS ON INTELLIGENCE AND ECONOMIC WARFARE. There are some but not specific ones on how to trace economic warfare or even use specific historical applications like Soviet SOE style cartel activities are non existent.

Rider I

The degredation of the US's economy. A CCP MSS plot

The problem is this. The reality is everyone is to fattened up to the CCP and MSS to help out the young bucks, anymore. The Big bucks are more worried about appeasing the CCP and MSS than they are standing up to them. They think in their heads let him hang, when they think of me. The idea that the young bucks like me are all for me. However, the elders have forgotten the old way or their youth, seems to be the problem.
I do not think they are really going to do that. I am almost thirty years old. Spent most of my life in a rock band, school, and working in little crudy shops god love the owners's trying. I just can't stand that I know this so well. However, I can't figure out how to properly cognition it to gain funding so I can do it professional. I have become vulgar, tired, upset, am in the last minutes right before as the SOE's are entering into ID, IN, MA, and I can't do anything, except sit here and collect and send out half witted letters. I have sold everything, nobody will hired me I am pretty sure I am black balled by now. However, truly to this nature it does not matter to me. I will write till I die to stop fascist centralization of wealth and power. I am tired I have been up for a long time. I am wining, I guess that is why I am here. However, I am try the best I can with what I got, which is not a lot. I am from a rough type. I can see it, so clear, it is being in purgatory. Where I see everything but can't do anything. I am trying, I am doing everything I can. I have to wait five more days to get my motorcycle. Then I am going to go talk to folks and see if I can set up meetings to get MEI started.

Rider I

I would like to write this for all the folks that might read my cite.

The issues I address on this cite are not necessarily the fault of either party. I direct my fault directly to the temple. As all of the last Presidents have been given directive to an economic algorythm that has allowed this point to come here. As such, remember President Obama is a great man, he actually did not bring home any SOE's with him unlike some Republican Mayors. Furthermore, our intelligence departments, have had a major brain drain. Dealing with primitive intelligence fighters like the Al Quaeda's and Hezzbola's of the world. Which as a cold war kid. I can tell you are not even close to a KGB or MSS> Therefore, I have taken on my own to write the algorithm to try and stop the pending Communist SOE invasion into the US and the world that our puppet chasing has allowed.

Again, I state I love President Obama, I lean to the Republicans, but he is my Chief and Commander and trust me, Unions destroyed the Soviets and Communist empire before by forcing jobs to stay here. No Patry without our temples consent has allowed in any SOE'. As such, all directing is to the DIA's.

Thank you
Please love and respect your leaders. It is not their fault for what they do.

These bases being sold, where used to fight against Soviet SOE cartel and resource hoarding. Our Intelligence did not replenish them. So two possible puppets of the CCP and MSS through a still tracing algo gave away our new high technological stimulus. That is analogous to the nuclear and physics departments that create our last newest high technological industrial boom.

This is real this is happening. Alot of these bases where old Cold war intelligence bases for industries against Communist SOE cartels. They are being sold. Unless I can change it.

These are areas that are being lobbied heavily by CCP and MSS agents to allow their SOE's to take over our countries economy, resources, and market place, exactly like they have pretty much done in the international market place.

Rider I
Again, our last real President who fought against Communist SOE's was President Bush Senior, Jr, Clinton and Obama have all been given advice to give into the Communist SOE's cartel systems. Which is bad. They are thinking that by doing that they will destroy the party via made free markets. It is not working, they are just enriching the CCP, and now allowing them to do what the Soviets did with their SOE's. However, the CCP and MSS is doing it internationally instead of locally so there will be no defenses against it. As it is easier to dominate close by than far away. We need to wake up or literally the USA will become a Soviet style satellite to the CCP and MSS.

That is why I have a full investigation Aspin style of all DIA's and councilors of any every contacts to the MSS and CCP, via their international Communist party affiliates. As they wish to destroy us in some warped idea of a mono culture mono world, in which the CCP and MSS hold the worlds resources, and power, and everyone else is subordinate.

I predicted this two years ago. When I stated the next step in the CCP and MSS cycle is forcing our bases via debt ridden country to be sold off. In which their SOE's would invade and replace.

You can say what every you want red scare or you can't do that. I am sorry there is no logic in this world that should say the USA should be subordinate to teh CCP and MSS and their mono culture. This is logic Democracy and free markets spread wealth and power better than the MSS and CCP's fascist world economic warfare domination.  It is reality the CCP and MSS did destroy the worlds market via neo mercantilism acts. In which they are now stating that it is the best for everybody to allow their SOE's to have free trade zones in other countries. In which they have chose the path of most resistance. Especially since we are so weak and feeble with the cognition in our DOD. Reality is check their FTA's and Free trade zone patterns. It is real and logical. Sorry, there is no logic that states the worlds should be subordinate to a single party rule. 

Fair use doctrine for all special libraries. Law

Specific Pin point application for nano tech bugs from the MSS and CCP.

Throat. Which connects a nano technological computer to the nearest cell phone or other application to transmit signal's. Also back of the head right underneath the ball of the head. Which is used for flash and memory creation. More or less this is a German Socialist SS intellegence operation. Which was done to stop the memory then open the brain. At this point they would awaken the brain with a smaller dose but still have the consioucness of the subject knocked out. As such, the brain would take in specific pictures to create cognitive remembrance. Like the German Socialist Party symbol then puppies and flowers or naked women for men.

Other places are the cornie. This is usually lives a small red dot in the eye. In which the nano tech bug is left. Along with that other CCP areas is in the butt. Which funnily in all victims of the KGB as Micheal noted along with others, creates scar tissue. As the butt is the most moved around area. Other places are the hand, as they want to know when you are typing. Along with this numerous pressure areas can be detected.

All except the hand, butt and eye, are not detectable. In which this allows the CCP and MSS to have a complete scan of their body as they move through life. As such, they use them like live collection tools in every day life.

That is what is believed to have been Taken out of Hugo Chavez as we try and explain Democracy and Free markets to him as the CCP and MSS have used and abused his country. Sad but somebody had to show him the light.

This points are areas of worry when Foreign Leaders go to CCP and MSS Mainland or Satellite countries. In which they have checks. As their technology still leaves small spider, or mosquito type injection areas.

 Simply stated think about it we had the technology you are seeing now in micro chips in our intelligence agencies a long time ago. We have been able to create the very bug itself a bug, for a long time, this is all public information. However, nobody thinks about it, or even analysis it.

The best part is the brain washing stuff they have. Which is basically nano speakers. That are placed in folks ears. I have posted on those one's before.

That is the funniest part about this the UN and the WTO are saying they are a developing country. However, we are lagging behind on high technology as compared to them. The main problem is social codeing and algorthmic economic warfare. The Soviet Union where way ahead of us in sound and air technology. The CCP is also way ahead of us in that too. The main thing is our inability to gain enough public information on the MSS and their actions. Mainly because we concentrate so much on the puppets that we have seen basic MSS agents doing much worse things pass right in front of whole collection teams. Also, I have found documents, ah I mean um, it is believed they have brain reading technology. Which is simply stated works like a cd player. In which the brain emets eletrical output. As each memory or thought or input from senses is an eletrical sensation. As such, the documents, I mean theory is that they can actually read folks brains and thoughts.

So then we get down to simple social coding and economic warfare. If both teams have to operate out in the open. It is a matter of logic. Where we won with the Soviet Union. The idea that creating genocide to stop genocide, or that one country should own the worlds market place and centralize the international market place is where we won last time. However, I see no game play on that matter. Along with that we are now in the phase in which we where able to stop the Soviets. However, instead of the CCP doing in next to home as the easy prey. The CCP is gaining access via their massive cartel led CCP and MSS owned via their centralized board of the SASAC. Which will then allow them to centralized domestic market places to their single party too.

As such, I am trying. I do not know what the Hell our intelligence in this country thinks. But I am trying.

Rider I

No matter what folks think we really do not lie to our folks. We are a free society based on Democracy and free markets, along with free speech. That is how we keep power tribes from becoming fascist. We check them like I am doing the CIA and MSS.  This whole cite is a check to our misplaced brain's. 

Here is what the MSS things possibly from one of my favorite video tapes. They think the US people are to powerful and that we should allow a single fascist party to rule all. Which to me is stupid, again with the logic issue.
I mean what? 

I mean look at me. I have no money, clothes smell bad almost out of donated coffee and smokes. But hell, I can still put a mean intelligence battle through this cite. I love Democracy, love it. 

Rider I

CCP and MSS and the Green Technological weaponizing espionage game.

I wonder who won or is winning.

Rider I

I wonder if nuclear technology is comparable to high tech green technology, with earthquake, tsumani, tornado, and natural disasters that are created by high tech green technology.

80% of our green tech stimulus went to Communist areas of the world. I wonder why? mmm

Communist China's Vice President is always on trips to find them trade.

What the Hell is camp doing?

Rider I

I want to know how we can stop the MSS and CCP from running the gauntlet on us during Election year. There has got to be somebody from our side that can run against them while our tribes debate it out. 

Communist Chinese use SOE's to dominate the world and implement their SOE's for single party control.

Should I write on?

Rider I

I am hungry. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

The International Accomplice to Genocide law will do the same thing that accomplice to crime law has done.

Recently in the international economy we have see the Communist Chinese as a dictator party, funding and helping Dictators. A number of those that they help we see them, actually funding them with weapons, and other necessary items that are then used for genocide. This idea then in law. If a legitimage gun dealer sells somebody a gun. That is legal. However, if a legitimate gun dealer sells a gun to an illegal person that is illegal. A proper law supporting in a resolution the accomplice to genocide law would stop any country from funding any Dictator that is creating genocide. Which would stop countries like Communist China and their MSS from funding genocide of cultures.

As such, we can see that no law is necssarily needed to remove the CCP and MSS from the UN's DESA Economic Development Chair. Just a fair vote on the facts and morals of how they have abused their privelege in the chair. They are helping genocide and are allowing genocide. With the logic that if they help genocide that will stop it. They are further destryong economies with their SOE's and cartel actions. In which they have signed world trade organization documents and international documents that they would not do that. They are bullying the smaller countries around them that have nothing. So they can gain more than 97% of the worlds rare earth resources and other resources. Their actions are similar to that of the party dictators that came before them. As the German Socailist party specifically picked on religous groups that had major voting power. The Communist Chinese pick on the Falun Gong and do not allow them to act as normal citizens as they have almost the same number of Falun Gong as the CCP and MSS do party members. They are acting with impunity for countries sovereignty, exactly like the Soviets did. In which they are using their Massive SOE's to take jobs, taxes, resources and destroy intra commerce in countries. So they then can move in their SOE's to that area, exactly like the Soviets did. Along with these matters, we can see that the further insult to Democracy and freedom in the world was the CCP completely not helping any country remove terrorists camps from the international community. In which after the US went in to gather Osama Bin Laden. We saw the CCP and MSS immediately fortified the other terrorists camps by expediting 50 jet air planes and other things.

As such, I see no reason for such a country to hold such a position. When countries like Germany, Brazil, India, and others are not trying to dominate the world and use their MSS intelligence PLA military, and SOE's to do so.

Rider I
I seek the redress as an international free speech advocate. I would like the CCP and MSS to step down for the UN DESA Chair as Economic Development Monitors. As they are using it as a cloak for economic warfare. 

This is logic

Their logic is they help Genocide because they hold the worlds highest economic development chair, 97% of worlds resources and they have the worlds strongest military. As they sub fleet and underwater transport carriers could easily take out our naval. They bully small countries because of the UN chair allowance.

Rider I
Logic Communist China act exactly like Soviets, wish for mono culture, mono world power, and not for Democracy through power sharing of all cultures and proper fair trade with root power of resources being spread among all nations. Like Democracy and free market end game. Marxist end game, world domination centralized power to single fascist. German Socialist used it, Soviet Union used it, now Communist Chinese and MSS use it. 

This is the document, this is the reason, this is the chair. The Abuse of the UN Chair by the CCP and MSS.

The Logic that the idea that helping Genocide is the way to stop Genocide is the same logic that the world should be centralized to the Communist SOE cartels.

The Communist Chinese are supposed to be disbanding their SOE's and centralized resource and wealth hoarding. However, they are using this document to create world domination. In which they create genocide, bully, and destroy countries with their SOE's exactly like the Soviet Union did. If we allow their SOE's into free trade zones. Which is pretty much just part of their country. We will see the same thing that happened in the international economic market place happen in each domestic market place. There will be a centralization of resources, wealth and jobs in that area specifically to the Communist Chinese Party. Which is exactly what we are seeing in the international community.

Please we have to stop this. I have six college degrees, was a Senator of a College, had four years of debate and speech competition, mock trial, moot court, have worked with confidential to secret documents (none of which I ever leaked to anyone). We need to stop this. I am very logical and this reasoning is sound.

Dear Dr.,
  There is a very serious document I need you to rebut. This document is deadly. 

The Theory and Practice of Free Economic Zones A Case Study of Tianjin, People's Republic of China

This document is allowing the Communist SOE cartels that are supposed to be being disbanded do the same thing that they did to the international economy, which is centralize resources, jobs, taxes, and treasuries to them, as it will do to countries domestic economies. 

This document is deadly. We have seen what the have done to our international market place with those SOE's. It will be even deadlier in ten years after they are allowed to do the same thing to countries domestic markets. They will become more powerful and single totalitarianism. 

I hope you boys are working on this stuff. We have nobody refuting their massive propaganda department. This is the same Soviet Style plan that they used to create weakened countries and then invade them for their resources. 

Rider I

You very poor assistant with no pay. 

I need funding our current intelligence agencies can't either keep up with my traces, or they are just not trying. 

Error 1.
It is unconstitutional to allow in or have the government give privilege to a specific religion. Communist Chinese State Owned Religion Confucius has been allowed into our schools. 

Show their Temples, Followers, Churches, how they pray to and leave offerings to Confucius like we do for Christ or Buddha, and then go to public schools and show how we allow them to teach not only language, but culture and religion. I learned Chinese culture in school without their Confucius religion. Serious intelligence foundational coding. 

My thoughts on the matter I would like you to master.

These are my thoughts and opinions. 
Hammer being used in many Communist Chinese districts after I tried to rebut Confucius into US schools, with Lockean in their schools, makes me think it is heartable to take them out of our schools. 

Foreign Coding of our children brains through Character, Culture and Religious teachings.

I am only backing this up with research properly for you lazy non willing to pay folks, cause they killed children and teachers to keep my code out. Yes, I can prove preponderance of brain coding and killing to stop my codes.  Easy I started to give orders to prepare cognition of code to lobby for Chinese teachers unions and governance. So instead of them doing the Democracy thing to allow my marketing of lobbying to be brought to debate. They coded death, to get military into the schools to stop any dissent to pure Marxist code in schools. Nobody pays me though, the would rather starve me out. This was easily traced as I had traced a couple other international brain coding's I had thought the MSS was doing to prepare puppet game. In which the every District in Communist China had the same action taken out in their schools against their teachers and Children. A Hammer to their children's skulls and teachers brains. Exactly like the Soviets would do in Gulags to those trying to teach to stop the brain washing.I actually proved it against myself in dark court, because I felt so bad about the non ability to understand their level of intelligence.

How bad does it have to become when a DK has to not give a whoot about telling the truth about the dark courts. I mean nobody is listening and nobody will pay me to do a proper job. All of sudden it is like Soviet style economic implosion is gone from out countries memory. That nobody remembers it or the cycles, and for some god loving reason a civilian analysis does. Oh I forgot just because the Communist Chinese allow a little bit more free enterprises that are still controlled by death or jail by the party do to exactly like they are told. They are not like the Soviets and Communist world domination is dead and gone.  read the cite. The best part is when I get some punk kid trying to tell me that the Soviet Cold War was a political thing, or the McCarthy was trying to destroy free speech. Then I say, well, no communism is not political it is economic terrorism at is most refined, McCarthy did not try and hurt anybody for like Karl's Marx's or its principles. He based his theories on those that acted out wishes to be foreign espionage agents through contacts to foreign espionage agents. Trust me McCarthy could have had every Marxist book in the country burned, he did not want that. He was trying to stop the Communist Soviets from destroying free speech all for all those that hated his him so much.

The basic idea is that there is a Communist Propaganda news machine in this country that dwarfs all free enterprise news media along with small state ones. Which you should see the algo they have to destroy free enterprise news agencies. But you are all to blind to it. you like your freedom to say when somebody hurts you, you know nothing of what political and economic powers in Communist centralized countries get to get away with because nobody can tell others to protect you.

Hellow Camp my name is the Rider I
I am a Communist Cold War Activities Analysis. Which just means I watch their Political and Economic movements. As they still are a Single Totalitarian, Fascist, Genocidal, Monopolistic Regime (2). Therefore, I am calling today with regards to a document:

There is an Emphases on Confuscisism. However, I have no problem with the teaching of Chinese Character teaching is find. Along with that their great Culture of that great country great is a great study too. I know I have studied it. Those books had little to do with Confucius as they where created for public schools use. However, religion along with other three, in public grammar schools and high, no. The problem them becomes that we are priveleging the Communist Chinese State Run Religion of Confuscism as it has:
5 million Followers that treat it like a religion
Deity, as they pray to Confucius like Buddhist Pray to Buddha or Christians Pray to Christ
Spirituality the whole teaching is about how to live with ones soul to be good.
Prayer The pray to Confucius the elder spirit along with their other elder spirits as their teachings tell them tool.
and Churches which I believe is the rock and the anchor to the idea that it is a religion.

Therefore, our government is privileging their religion over other religions, by allowing it into our public grammar and high schools. As we do not allow in the State Run Religion of Rome which is Catholicism. Neither do we allow in the state run religion of Israel which is Judaism, neither do we allowing the state run religion of Saudi Arabia which is Muslims.

This is because it is unconstitutional. In the US we do not allow all three to be taught in the same class by foreigner's. Especially if the program was created by the foreign military. As such, the US's dissects such foreign brain coding and manipulation into specific classes, to lessen the brain coding. We allow the teaching of symbols and sounds, separate from the teaching of culture. Which like we do with Roman culture we do not teach about religion, like the ways or the teachings of Christ, which is analogues to Confucism. As the current program being allowed into the US specifically uses the teaching of characters along with the spiritual and religious teachings of Confucism to braind code those taht just want to learn about Chinese characters or culture.

Along these lines, it is unconstitutional to allow in the teaching of Religion in the US. Along with allowing any privilege by the government for a religion. This is because our forefathers new very well that state run or state religions or religions allowed to play a party to government would cause civil wars between the many religious tribes via normal persecution and other things our forefathers sawy during their times.

As such, the allowance of Confusim is not only unconstitutional but it is a serious national security issue. As the CCP knows well enough to kill their own children to stop my entrance into their children's schools. A foreign intelligence officers, which is military, unlike me. Could easily create lessons to enter codes into children's brains for foreign constitutional perspectives.

Rider I

Finish the rest tomorrow night. Time to sleep sun is coming up, neighborhood will protect me while I sleep.

Confucius boot.
1. Allowed into Public Schools
2. Single Totalitarian Fascist Genocidal Monopolistic Regime
3. Illegality of Privilege of religion to one over the other, and violation of allowance of Church in State:
4. Confucius Temples
5. 5 Million Followers

Statutes of Deities in Confucius religion.

"A Man Who Offends Heaven Has No Wear to Pray"

Students seek solace, good luck at Confucius Temple

They not only pray they leave offerings like Catholics light candles. 

8. List of Confucius Churches in the US ROCK AND ANCHOR, BOOT OUT.

9. More coming

I want them out. They are not willing to allow Lockean Democracy Free Markets into their schools via elective or grammar schools then we do not allow their's in. 

Rider I
Religion in public schools is illegal. Piece is golden political power house will draw tons of attention. Stand and be brave.

Error 2

Communist China has an illegal cartel and anti trust violation strangle hold on the worlds resources

Currently the Communist Chinese are using a string of illegal international violations of cartels in their SOE’s. Which is run owned and managed by a single entity the SASAC specifically for their intelligence agency the MSS. They have been able to accumulate over 97% of the worlds rare earth resources. Not because they are the only one’s with them. But, because they are constantly grabbing up foreign lands resources, so they can control the world’s supply chain lines through their cartels and illegal anti trust violations.
Please read the Book Death By China Confronting the Dragon A Global Call to Action
We need all small countries in the area of Asia to stop this world resourced domination conquest.
The Cycle of World Economic Conquest.
Before, countries where smaller and more separated. We saw the world conquest based on the necessity of resources like gold, water, humans for slaves etc. In which was used new high technological weapons like metallurgy or otherwise to conquer as much land as they could get before they felt they went far enough. However, in today’s world we see a different kind of economic world conquest. In which we saw countries become obsessed with centralizing power and economy to a single entity. So that single entity could thrive outwards and find more resources so they could become richer and more wealthier. Much similar to the old kingdoms of old. However, instead of using new weapons they used new ways of diplomacy and economic advancements.
In which we saw the German Socialist party use such economic advancements as cartel systems and the monopolization of resources to specific single managed entities under the power of the party. Which allowed them to control the management of resources without any competition of fair spread of wealth among their people. This then allowed them to be able to build more military might for the spread of their single parties power and economic dominance. As such, these economic advancements where seen by many as atrocities to the power sharing and individual freedoms that Democracy and Free Markets represent.
Then we saw the Soviet Union. Which took the economic advancement of world conquest one step further. Which instead of just centralizing the resources to SOE’s and single management. They centralized the whole economy and the power structure. So that single actors could move and create specific strong points in international conquest for specific foreign land acquisitions. This then allowed them to do such major events like take whole countries with a specific economic strategy. Which usually was dumping cheap products, gaining jobs, then exporting loans and gaining interest. In which they would go under and not have resources or military might. Which then would allow them to move in their SOE’s and political espionage and sabotage units to force the country into their satellite regime of single party control. This allowed them to conquer vast lands with a basic economic conquest of centralization of power and economy to a single political party.
After them we see the Communist Chinese. They see the mistakes of those that came before them. Thus they are trying to resolve those mistakes and not make the same ones as they try and the same thing. The Communist Chinese know well the international opinion of the use of military. As such, they use it at slight of hand and most of the time cloaked by illegal or legal immigrant soldiers that act more like mercenaries than they do government backed soldiers. Which then allows all of their movements to be cloaked as basic illegal activities. Along with that they saw the strength of the same entity at the same time. In which their military build is used in similar fashion in the high tech game as the German Socialist Party used their physical militarizes. In which the Communists are able to create anger, show force, then see if they are weak, if not they use natural technology to hurt them, with a long line of after affects of other high technological weapons of those countries being conquered for resource control.
Furthermore, they are able to see the ability and power of a unified front of a single superior race. In which they try and implement in their ranks through various possible propaganda like forcing the minorities that are supposed to be allowed to be left alone in their conquered lands of Tibet or inner Mongolia to go through abortions or even forced procedures to stop birthing. This then allows them to take this even one step further. In which they actually fund foreign genocides like in Zimbabwe. As they can use their superior race mentality as the way to allow such killing of foreign cultures. In which after they force the Dictator via their superior race mentality views to allow the Dictators resources to be raped at very low costs. They then create a similar subordinate view in the Dictators mind to their superior race. As such, allowing them with ease to import more of their own race to the area to take up more jobs, allocate more resources and to force the Dictators country folks to cater to their every needs. This superior race mentality then strengthens the bonds of the Han Chinese especially the elite guard of the intelligence of the MSS and other covert agencies, that are fully staffed with only Han Chinese Communists.
Furthermore, they are able to see the military strategy and use it as an economic strategy, much similar to their predecessors before them. In which they use an economic blitzkrieg to force their way into foreign lands via their SOE’s. Exactly like the Soviets did with their Eastern Europe conquest. However, the Communist Chinese are specifically attacking the African’s and American’s before they enter anywhere else. This is because they know that they have the rest of the world tied up to their resource centralization supply chain cartels. However, the most important part is where all of their predecessors failed. Which is international diplomacy.
This is the ability in which a country is able to create propaganda that cloaks their very interests so that they can use soft power to get what they want. There is no better an agency than the MSS, the KGB was great and GRU too. However, the MSS knows that they had to take in and mutate their oppositions best power which is the decentralization of power to free markets. Before their opposition would allow them to do something that they did not allow any of the other economic world conquers. There were able to do this by keeping a strangle hold on any free enterprise via a centralized power structure as they slowly let go of some of the market. However, the party never really let go of the market. As they still use a centralized agency to deal with SOE’s and Free enterprises alike. This is because the party is able to control the supply chain of their free enterprises and SOE’s, via the SASAC and other MSS agency activities. This then allows them to be able to destroy any opposition to the parties wishes and deems. Along with the fact that free enterprises business owners before fear was implemented. Where well known to go missing or even lose everything they had, while along with ending up in retraining school to be obedient to the single fascist party rule. Therefore, in reality the party never really did let go of the market to become a free market. As they still controlled it via their centralized economic control. However, to their international diplomacy. It allowed the whole opposition to let down their guard. In which the leaders have forgotten about the cold war all together. Even though the last wall in the DMZ still exists, and the last Communist puppet regime grows stronger everyday via their military hoarding’s.
We then see that this great international diplomacy based on a cloaked lie has been able to gain the Communist Chines favor and complete lackadaisical activities via any defense cognition’s to stop them from doing what their predecessors did via their economic invasion tactics. Therefore, allowing the Communist Chinese to enter whole ares of countries and to start to control them and implement economic and political power shifting to their party. Which is done through their ability to use their supply chain cartel to hoard all of the worlds resources to their single party fascist regime. With an illegal monopolistic and monoposonic international anti trust cartel holding of over 97% of the worlds resources and growing. Which is 37% more than Saudi Arabia even has. While also not having to have any debate or opposition to their centralized power holdings like Saudi Arabia has in OPEC.
Therefore, as I wrote the Blitzkrieg outline over a year ago. We now see that we are in last part of the invasion tactics. In which their cloaked lies have been able to get them to the point of complete let down of defenses to stop their economic world conquest via their SOE’s and totalitarian subordinate style control of power and economy. Which is radiating out of their home land now right into the very heart of the USA.
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Stand for Democracy and Free Markets, stand against World Resource Hoarding

Lobby to Remove UN's Communist Chinese Economic Warfare Chief Dr. Pingfan Hong. Notes on the matter.

I will call some folks to try and get this hear fella out of his chair.

As first of all the Communist Chinese are the worlds worst economic warfare regime. They own 97% of the worlds resources, they help genocide folks in Africa for more resources, they have used their resource hoarding against their neighbors like Japan who need their ocean mines. Which the CCP and MSS are currently bullying their neighbors for more resources. This fellar should not have such a Democratic seat, from such a greedy country.

Rider I

Just Because those CIA boys and girls moonlight for your free enterprises you have taken over and forced into SOE cartel joint ventures does not mean the dark cite is not out here still. LOL

And you thought we where done, the world saying the US is done for, well you don't red necks, lol

I am going to call him personal and tell him to step down. lol

I love calling folks like that that are absolutely sitting in a chair for specific purpose. I mean, it was like my best friend trying to talk to me, and I could see down every cognition she made to me, via the algorithms that I know exist in her head. It was horrible, I just told her buy me more drinks. Cause I know.

Not to mention I am about 70% sure the CCP and MSS are puppet-ting the Extremist Muslims against market places now. Especially since right after we picked up Osama Puppet, they instantly would not help us pick up the rest of the Puppets. However, Russia and the US called each other and we where there arm and arm to see who is puppet-ting. Neither we tired of world domination theory happy with sovereign countries. However, the CCP and MSS are the new bullies at the table they no want to help create peace by stopping puppets.

The reason why is we can easily take the model we creates to find puppet masters for the Soviet Union and implement it to the CCP and MSS. In which it would seem they meet some of the first planks.

"he Hill’s Congress Blog
China’s naval harassments cannot be tolerated
By: U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe
Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Over the past twelve months, China has been carrying out calculated acts of naval harassment in the South China Sea. This is just the latest from Communist China, a country which -- for several years -- has declared much of the South China Sea as its exclusive economic zone. This has threatened the other countries (nine in all) of the region who have overlapping claims to the 1.35 million square miles of water. 
Not even the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, signed by China and the ten member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, has helped in reaching a peaceful resolution to this dispute. China needs to receive a clear message that their continued harassment will no longer be tolerated.  
That is why Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) and I introduced a measure calling upon the Communist Chinese government to stop harassing ships on the high seas while sailing through the South China Sea. As highlighted in our resolution, China’s unacceptable acts include:
February 25, 2011: A Chinese frigate fires warning shots at three Filipino fishing boats near the Jackson Atoll near Palawan Island, Philippines.
March 2, 2011: Two Chinese maritime patrol vessels threaten to ram a Philippine government energy research vessel conducting a seismic survey in the Reed Bank area near Palawan Island.
May 2011: China announces a unilateral fishing ban for the northern part of the South China Sea from May to August.
May 2011: Vietnam alleges that Chinese naval vessels fired on four Vietnamese fishing vessels near East London Reef and Cross Island.
May 2011: Chinese vessels lay steel posts and a buoy in the Amy Douglas Bank, southwest of Reed Bank, within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zones.
May 11, 2011: Two unidentified fighter jets, alleged to be Chinese, are sighted near Palawan Island.
May 26, 2011: A maritime security vessel from China cuts the towed survey cables of an exploration ship from Vietnam, the BINH MINH, in the South China Sea in waters near Cam Ranh Bay. This use of force occurred within 200 nautical miles of Vietnam, in an area recognized by international law as its Exclusive Economic Zone. 
June 9, 2011: Three vessels from China, including one fishing vessel and two maritime security vessels ran into and disabled the cables of another exploration ship from Vietnam, the Viking 2. The incident also occurred within Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone. 
Clearly, the number of incidents over the past 12 months has increased, as Beijing becomes more confident in violently asserting its claims to fishing and oil resources in the area. Commentators in the region uniformly believe that this “pattern of assertive behavior” by China is “another indication that the South China Sea dispute continues to trend in a negative direction.” 
Seeing this negative trend, which threatens the freedom of navigation as well as the national security interests of the United States and its allies in the region, we introduced a Senate resolution. It is simple: Communist China, halt your aggressive behavior and return to the pledge you made in 2002 to resolve this dispute peacefully.  
I understand that the Chinese Embassy has been working hard to defeat this resolution or water it down, but facts are stubborn things. And the fact is that only the Communist Chinese have engaged in a set of violent and dangerous actions against its South China Sea neighbors. This must stop. 
Our resolution puts their deplorable actions on record. It reaffirms our strong support for a peaceful resolution of this dispute while supporting the continuation of operations by the United States Armed Forces to assert and defend freedom of navigation rights in international waters and air space in the South China Sea.  
The Senate must act swiftly and decisively on this measure to signal our support for our allies and register our strong displeasure with China’s actions. In so doing, the Senate would be on record as supporting freedom and a peaceful resolution to the dispute.  
Senator James M. Inhofe, serves as the Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs.  He is also a senior Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee."