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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post office's horrible fiscal management.

I most wake up and save the day. My hoarse and gun and hat are on. lol

The basic idea is that the post office is horrible managed. Which means things like the basic idea of the post office is not what the US stands for. As the government has a substantial amount of competitive advantage. As such, I am not saying to get rid of an old institution as I am a conservative. However, I am saying a lot of better management could be done. For example, what would be the long run costs of getting rid of old gas gosling post office vehicles and properly maintaining a renewable source of energy fleet. For example, we have vehicles now that can run off of air, water, oil's from local restaurants and the even electrical energy. This then could cut down on a substantial amount of overhead on the post office which I am sure costs tens of millions a year just in energy fees.

Along those lines the post office spends a tremendous amount of money on energy. When it could be helping create energy, by doing things like having solar panels, wind mills or things like that in its facilities. As post office facilities cost energy on that matter too. This then could save them lots of money in the long run and keep them very close to the sell points that they are at now. For example, if the post office is able to place solar panels on its building sit could actual start to create an asset as it boost renewable energy sources and sells energy back to the grid. Along with wind mills, and in places where it gets very cold they could use thermal energy creators based on cold energy technology.

Where would this money come from rider. Well, lets think about this we are already giving them 8 billion a year in tax money to go into their dark black whole. However, if we gave them 8 billion a year and they where able to cut 8 billion a year on the liability sheet by creating energy profits and less liabilities, well then we would have a solution.

I was talking to a nice elderly African heritage lady once, and I was clown on all of this political leaders when I was younger when I used to help out at an elderly home. I remember the funniest thing, this old lady was like lord all mighty god just smacked you upside the head and said economic warfare. Then she just laughed, I was like um I guess so, I do not know.

Then we shave 8 billion off our budget each year conserve an institution and provide access to mail for everyone.

Rider I

I mean all I would need to see is a complete detailed print out of liabilities and assets of the Post office. Then I could do some Kissinger accounting, economic warfare style. However, this is for citizen's not against Single Totalitarian Fascist genocidal regimes like the German Socialist Party, Soviet Union, or his weakest every cognitional the Communist Chinese. As I am a lover of gatherings and quality of life I would not slash pensions as my choice of things to do.

Any-o Time, The Jack Rabbit. 

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