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"The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Um so.

I am losing my mind. So I need to be lead. As all this blazing trails in this new gaming theory is getting to me. As such a very old way for leaders to not lose their poise with their team is to read a good book. Which allows them to place the world down for a second and thus be lead through a book. In which they can perceive the world through a prior leader's eyes.

Death by China
Confronting The Dragon A Global Call to Action


So I am going to call these folks and see if they are really true about what they say as I am starting an action non profit against the Communist Chinese that will be on their Pro Communist fascist lobbying hounds bitting at their heels the whole way. I just need guidance on these matters. So I am going to read their book so far it is surburb. I mean the book has pencil markets all over it with great ideas and cognitions brought to mind.

I figure if they are leader towards me they live close to me, so I can be the bull and they the cowboy's. I am not scared of the streets nor the MSS or PLA, dealt with the KGB and you know country first. However, first I need to regain my bearings so I need to read something that is not so everywhere in gaming theories.

So me and my buddy figured out that if I can get 5,000 folks to give me two dollars each a month for my non profit I could have 10,000 a month to fight communist lobbyst that have hundreds of thousands. However, they will not have the drive or desire to stop the spread of fascism like I do. Then I could kick back my cowboys some funds for teaching me and carving the cheese stick. Then use the rest to travel have a little place out in the woods for the wife and kids and do what I love, chase Communist econ warfare.

$2 a month to stop the starvation of the US's economy by the Communist Fascist Regime in China. I think I could get some folks to pitch in for that amount. I bet they could even figure out how to do it via a cloak if necessary. I should make it two dollars and two cents. That would be funnier.

I'll make you famous.

Rider I

I am all over the place mighty well as let me do that in the states then if I get my 35 society membership up take it international like the great Larry MacDonald did.

I am all over the place like a Lion without a Rider, who just needs somebody ro Russel with.

I mean I am going to be trying to get an MBA as such at their grounds so maybe that would make things better. I mean if I can't head up that way to the North to balance out San Fran and bring some Portland to the area of Patriot lib's then I can hang in my back yard.

No college for the folks in Communist Chinese Rural places. I mean they would rather dump trillions of dollars in SOE's to conquer more of the international market place than allow more free enterprises to spread their market place to more of their own instead of their elitist fat pigs of fascist. I mean ig's foggy dew ig's.

This book its it. I mean this should be required reading for our leaders. I wonder how much that would cost. Ok so 400 times $30 is $12,000 and I wonder if I could get a school discount. So I could pass this book out to every leader in the house. Then when they are down take it to the Senate.

Only if the Golden Dawn would let me turn coal into gold. I could do everything I wanted in lobbying against these fascist folks. This book is great I mean every page is just packed full of punches. However, I need to read about solutions like I am coming up with. Still not to that part.

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