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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What does it feel like to be poor.

The idea to some they can never understand. I was lucky my grand folks on both sides had between them 10 kids. Which means my circle of cover is much better than those poor folks who do not have anybody and maybe one person who can help them. So I can tell you what it is like to be impoverished. I can tell you what it is like to be poor though.

One of the reasons why I want to have five or more kids so much. Is that family is the most important thing. It brings hope helps out and somebody in the family will always have trouble. As it is normal part of life. So if you have a very big circle then you can do ok. One side of my family was very active in my life and helping me deal with the issues in my life. The other side staid dark until I was done going through my fighting years without knowledge. To see if I had the same genome as the others. In which they then appeared from the dark for a short time and explained who I am. I specifically chose to take a Criminal Justice degree out of the 6 that I have to learn how to fight properly. Because all I know is that instead of me there is this tremendous fight and constant push on the inside of my body to want to fight.

When I was young my father was a truck driver which means as truck drivers are the flow of commerce he worked as the production units worked. Hauling when the US hauled. My grandfather was a last generation of truck drivers that was able and properly valued as to the most important part of the US's supply chain. A dominate force my grandfather and proper fella's at that time where paid extremely well to properly hold down the supply chain. As in those times, everyone knew we are free and each to their own we all hold this thing down. It is not some agent or some police officer that saves this country from invasion or bad things. It is the every day just doing their's who does.

My dad inherated this rich ariostractic temple in which they have forgotten about home and worried more about foreign. This then meant the whole supply chain of the US valued started dwindling. My fathers industry as the main stream of it felt it the most. The truck drivers went from hard working folks in the 50's and 60's all the way through the end of the 70's to a bunch of folks who could barely pay their way as they gave their lives to the commerce stream.

That is all he knew how to do. Like those before them he took up his fathers trade as it was a good trade. Then the supply chain was attacked and it went away. He spent the majority of his life helping trucking companies start up through good pay and then they would let him go because they had to find folks to work for less after they where up and running. Then the supply chain kept getting hit so hard that pay went from a good 60-70 all the way down to barely 30-45 or so. The temple itself seemed not to care. It was more worried about their own games and not the dwindling of the supply chain and those who gave their lives.
They used some kind of idea that for some reason it is better to destroy the US supply chain and inrich the fascist in the world than it is to take care of those at home that hold it down.

Then he was lucky towards the end when I need the father that earn the most to be making barely $13 an hour. As all the trucking company start ups where up and they all had to dump good quality of life just to try and help the US supply chain stay competitive. As such, I grew most of my life with a father that was worked to death and barely able to keep a roof over the heads. Then was let go when he got upset that they where going to take his pay from him.

I am a commerce cowboys son. I know this game better than anyone. I lived and felt every recession and every turn down. My life got worse and worse instead of better and better. These days I talk to owner operators and truck drivers coming in and out of warehouse and you know what they say. They hardly see their folks and kin, and they are barely making enough money to take care of the truck and feed the family and roof them. Most of them have to live in the boondocks now a days and they get by. It is not like the old days when those in the supply chain that where considered more important than the CEO's or the sales folks, where taken care of. There are some out there still making good money. However, the spread is not as it used to be.

I remember during the 90's recession when the production line took a major hit and commerce dumped. Taking a shower became a big deal. I mean, to a teenager showers are huge. I mean pimples have to have clean towels and smell nice.

Through it all, all the building and trashing my father. We got through it. Lived hard worked harder and was treated even harder by folks. But you know what, being poor just makes one want to fight harder.

If I had my chance all over again. I would have wished to have a more comprehensive view in the school system on the criminal justice system and the courts. Along with proper debate style things as a elementary student. This then would have taken my fists, and my running around and proper focused it. I mean as a kid if you don't know better and you watch your family go from having to having not. You get mad, and you fight.
I mean as kid it was not ingrained in me to take my problems to a debate or even to a proper legal issue, or even how to do that. It was more like, fight. I remember one of my best friends during an up year for commerce. Was this fellow friend who was picked on.. As I was bigger I felt like I should protect him. Which made me want to be his best friend. That was cool. I learned not to fight to hurt and to fight to provide, quickly. However, I never learned really about the court systems and the debate issue, till about high school. However, by then it was not computing.

I mean, I was good. I like skate boarding. Which meant I did not necessarily have to have friends in the immediate area surrounding the lower income folks that where just as upset. In which, I kept my friends in the suburbs even when we moved out. I spend most of my time on my skate board skating down the river bed to get away from my surrounds. So much so I spend a lot of my earnings as a young man to have a club house with my buddies. In which we played and let it all out and where stars of the show. It was great. If I could do anything for poor kids. It would be to give them a skate board and teach them that they can get away from it. I mean sometimes being in the house with the bill issues with my parents and the frustration of not being able to buy a pair of shows and the teacher saying my shoes stunk up the whole class. It upset my parents. I would  just get on my skate board and leave. A lot of kids don't have that ability because they don't have a big family to get them something to allow them to leave and go hang out at the skate park and try and fly in the sky with a board.

I used to love that, I do not know if what I did would be good for kids. But getting away from the stressors was a great way for me to cope. I mean I had dreams of being this great punk rock base star reggea style. Living on a bus with friends seeing new people and exploring the world with my guitar.

Being poor sucks. Have it gives folks character. My character is to kick the hell out of folks that caused the problem of my child hood, legally and properly and that is what I am hear to do baby. I will figure out how to get up there to fight the big dogs that did it, and I will fight legally and properly. I just need to get the capital up so I can provide for my country instead of take from it to give to a fascist country.

Rider I

now they want to do the same thing to other industries that they did to my forefathers industries. Drop them down just to try and compete with some fascist country. Instead of starnding up and fighting for ours by properly placing pressure on the opposition to conform to freedom and the proper individual spread of wealth or do not trade with us. They all sit up there in their cushy homes and their nice food, and they say well we can't afford it in macro so you all should be like the supply chain cowboys and give your life and core heart beats so the fascist cacn become richer. Well I do not stand for that, I do not take no crap. I literally been in tons of back street and cage fights, and it matter not to me how they whip me for my soul. Now as an old man I am going to transfer that energy into the courts. I am just slow and I need to figure it out.

Pity me not for I will kick your arse. Your pitty just makes my kind worse, just let us fight farily and proper like and we will feel better. Legally and properly of course.

Now adays its even worse. I mean back in the day you graduate school and like that you have a job. Now adays 50% of the youth are going through what my parents went through. Kids growing up upset and the like. I just can't see how these young couples these days do not get more mad at their leaders for not taken care of our domestic supply chains and proper good job creation for moms and dads. I mean a pair of shoes was cheap back then and it is relatively the same now. But if you making $15 an hour with two parents and all the bills and two kids. Shoes are not cheap.

That is alright the fascist are not going to like it when state fascist take everything from them and there is nothing their country can do for them. It wont matter to me known cause I will just keep being stepped on for fighting and being mobbed down for fighting against the bigger ones, and the richer ones. In which I will just eat my bread and drink my hopps and sit around and shoot hoops and play my guitar and dream of the day when the US had leaders who had fighting genes. Then again, I bet they all get their flue shots each year. Unlike my kin who do not pay much for gene therapy. You get sick you get over it or die. Makes us stronger, keeps us fighters. I'll keep fighting until my opposition finds a way to gain power inside of the US. Then they cage me, in which I will have to take my street fighting days to run the cage, then still fight baby.

However, for now as I can fight legally and peacefully through my first amendment rights and there is no one trying to place a knife in my heart or a bullet in my head. I am free and love the way the US allows my kind to fight via speaking out and explaining in logic via reports and statistics. Stay free baby, cause I like the trees and the birds and the rivers.

I do not like discrimination. I am not against the Communist Party being able to exist. I am against them having ultimate single fascist party control and resource control. As that itself is the highest form of discrimination. As it does not allow for any others to be in power except the single racist communists. As they literally want to win the race by cheating. It is like I said before. I do not even know if I can be considered anti communists. Because, I like Unions, and the right to for all folks to own weapons, and I love socializing with people. I mean there is no more a heart beat excitement than knowing you are going to a social to talk to strangers and get to know them. It is exciting.

I am not a rich boy or even a privileged scholar from the IVY league. I am the real street scholar real McBoy too.

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