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"The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cold War Weapons why the US does not like Communism.

The Books have been meddled with and the process of teaching liquidated. The once proud school of knights against tryantcy is just but a shell, thanks to those wishing to use it to control the world under a one world order idea. What they have forgotten is the eldest tribe along with the Pope still holds the books of Shadows, which has long been used to stop such greed and try for single word order. Hitler and Stalin both came for the books and where met with the worlds mighteist force. The Communist Chinese have started to come and are being brought out in the moonlight of the ancient temples to say hello to.

A Cold War Weapon is not what you would think. Primarily most of the your writers and historians could not even imagine or did not get the proper thing correct when they wrote about cold war weapons. The basic ideas comes from the knowledge of an entrance exam that is not something on your basic iq test these days and has been lost over time. The reality is from a much greater since of urgency and a much greater since of what it means to be free.

In today's world you have many political tribes. Most notable the two major tribes of the US. Which are on one side conservative for spirituality and economics, and then on the other liberal in living conditions and very liberal in economics. This then is the point in which the US has functioned for some time. The two parties try to stay as middle ground as possible. This middle ground then keeps away from complete single party rule of religion which historical was the major way to run a country, and also a complete single party rule based on the control of the economy which is a more modern war lordish style way to run a country.

The religious single party rule is something that used to be done based on ordained kings and bloodlines. This was primarily something ment that certain individuals where given power by a priest or magical person if not of the Noah tribes of Moses, Jesus or Mohammad. Therefore, at that time you would see a massive discrimination in the way life was allowed to live. It was lived strictly by one book in which the book itself was then used to control ever aspect of life including the complete shut down of the scientific realm of the world, or what was known then as witchcraft. However, today is just known as science. Even today the spiritual single book wishers still hold that they think that science is evil. In which one can attend many churches that still to this day preach against the idea of using science to understand our surroundings. Even though, all the books state that the lord gave us a brains to be used.

On the other hand we get a single book idea primarily created be a very evil man. In which uses the people for the enslavement of the whole which is supposed to spread the wealth out better and more or less destroy what is known as the free market which causes Democracy. This single book belief in the control of wealth is something that is also not liked. This is primarily because it was created to kill religion as religion is a focal point of spirituality which many humans use to help themselves feel free in their adventures in life. This book then states that the actual theory can be used to control the world if it is followed. Thus then creating a sort of a one world economic order. This order then would be controlled by the area with the most people and the best centralized control of wealth. This idea however, destroys the natural law idea of feeling free. As the idea sociologically can never work. This is primarily because you will always have a two tier system. Those who manage and own and those who work. However, in a free system it understands this and works for a third level which is those in the middle thus causing a stepping stone to allow the individual to find its way to owning its own individual and labor. Ah though, you get greedy rich folks who care less about individual rights and more for the enslavement as they have held power for so long that they go against the very own belief that allowed them to gain ultimate freedom which is independence from country and from enslavement. On the other hand you get the working class you feels beat down and that it could never own its own labors anyways so why not just allow the country to own it as they hate those that have created work for them. These two categories then are very dangerous.

That is why the Union triad was created. Which was Hoffa, Hoover, and Kennedy. In which was used to fight a civil war to stop the destruction of the middle class by allowing some collusion of human beings so the extreme of individual laborship was not exploited by those more powerful. Which once exploited creates the major idea of wishing to just be communism because the exploited feel enslaved and wish for their exploiters to feel like they do. Thus the Unions where created to allow them to be able to fight together against those humans who where either smarter or just lucky enough to be born into value. This then allowed the people to feel happy by creating a middle ground in which they could live a comfortable life.

Therefore, we get into the problem we see today the basic destruction and chipping away of the defenses against the destruction of Democracy which is a two party system that debates to stay in the middle of these extreme ideas. Basically the whole process of entrance has been misconstrued by a few infiltrators who are heavily waited for the enslavement of human kind for their own greed. This greed then allows the Communist to flourish. As the Communist are the ones who wish to control value and gree via the elite instead of the individual free market, we see the creation of a myriad of types of tyrannical leadership in the world.

The basic idea is then that the Communist had the ability to wage a war without physical weapons. This then was called a cold war. As a hot war would have been in use of physical weapons that actually created heat via their explosive nature and upsetting view of death. However, the cold war weapons where something that destroyed the balance and killed the idea of Democracy. Much like what we are seeing today. The idea came out of a realization that the full scale one sided ruling of a country is tyrannical as people are all different and most folks do not just like one side and will shift from side to side depending on who has held power longer in a Democratic nation. This is primarily because most humans have been taught in school that power is a bad thing and that the proper balance is a good thing.

So we get the complete lost ability of the US today to see the cold war weapon. The so called first cold war was won by the US. In which seems very unlikely as the Communist parties main intellectual unit for communism is still running Russia and the voting section for a two tier debate check and balance has yet to be seen to work and be voted in against the old curtain. Along with this the basic notion of massive centralization and control of wealth via the elities in power is still there. This is because of the allowance of SOEs and Sovereign wealth funds. An SOE is a State Owned Enterprise, which then creates a Sovereign Wealth fund. These entities take away the value of the market place and the individuals ability to spread the market place by centralization of the power of wealth in the hands of the elite.

This power holding of the countries economy then allows the elite to wield their weight without any proper check. This is primarily because in a Democratic institution we see that the free market controls the check and balance of power in either debating tribe. This is because if one tribe becomes tyrannical in a matter the people as a whole will fund it less and fund the other side to allow them to take control and then balance the matter out. Therefore, in a Democratic institution SOE's that create Sovereign Wealth funds can't exist as the balance will become unbalances and not able to be balanced properly out. Much like what we are seeing in today's US economy.

In today's US economy we have seen a major fault of the triangle and entrance examinations to pin point individuals who understood the idea of allowing either churches or state of having to much power. This entrance has been improperly weighted to allow more control of wealth via foreign cold war weapons due to a heavy shift to the left. After a massive propaganda plow against those who did not want the very political idea of communism to destroy the balance of power and proper check and balance in Democracy to flourish. This then was created by a heavy dossing of illicitly drugs by which the communist literally brain washed a whole nation to hate itself and we have yet to see a full scale come back of patriotism. This brain washing is then lead into the idea that those who hate the US or even despise our free ways are not that bad and it is ok to create foreign policy in which sets up cold war economies mainly with cold war weapons instead of individual freedom emphases of ownership and proper competition. Which spreads out the wealth better than centralization and elitist control.

This then has allowed a very few who took the brain washing to heart get to the top of a couple very powerful intelligence agencies. This then is completely shown in the US cognition for the worlds biggest cold war weapons holders and wielders the Communist Chinese. We then have seen how the idea of communism can be created to not only create a domestic oppression of individual labors and competition but also a complete international collapse of the Democratic way of balance and proper free market checks.

The idea that the US would allow such a country to completely go against it word of transitioning into a free market and then cloak its cold war weapons by saying it is Characteristics not cold war. When not even on of the Communist leadership could tell you what cold war means in a proper debate. Just ask them when they say that it is characteristics, if they know what cold war means. They will act like the word does not exist and it is not important.

Therefore, we arrive at the reason why the US does not like Communism. Communism is not the idea of the people it is the idea of a one world order to control the worlds wealth via a centralized control of reliance on one country instead of a proper spread of wealth via each country having its own individuals compete fairly. The allowance of the Communist Chinese to run a moch in the world has once again created similar affects to the Soviets. However, less so as we are very prounced to understanding how easily it is for a Cold War weapon country can easily wield its SOEs and Sovereign Wealth funds to gain control of the worlds resources, then create a reliance on economics, then use their military to go out and literally conquer more countries for resources like we have seen in Tibet and recently with Japan. In which Japan was probable more likely that not with the precursors of war was hit by a Tesla special weapons program to force them to concentrate at home while the Communist expanded across the islands that both Taiwan and Japan own. But as per the Communist three star flag thing that they own, Tibet, Taiwan and Japan. However, they had to kill about 10,000 Japanese citizens to gain control of more resources instead of just trading fairly with other countries.

That is not how Communism works though. Communism works on the idea that the country that wields the SOE;s and Sovereign Wealth funds is somehow smarter and better and should control the worlds wealth because of it. This is primarily due to a inner cognition that has been created because any opposition that would show difference has been killed, jailed or disappeared. As much like we saw the Soviets using high technological warfare with new tanks and airplanes and guns and the such to conquer more countries for resources. We will now see the Communist Chinese use the same tactics. They used the basic invasion of a peaceful country Tibet for resources just like we first saw the Soviets due when they first expanded. Then they brought out the big weapons to expand on Taiwan's and Japanese Islands. So the bigger country which does not want to allow proper competition can control more wealth and resources.

Again, the idea is that Communism does what it does. It creates entities like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao who all believed in the idea of cold war weapons that would then crush their opposition to enslavement of the people and their elitist court. Which would then allow them to conquer the world via military control so they could force the world to rely on them thus causing a forced one world order that they would control. More or less it is a new version of an old theme that the religious Kings used. The Kings of old would enslave the populace and say it was for their best. Then they would own everything and centralize the wealth in their hands so they could then use that to go out and conquer more lands and more people for the resources. It is nothing new on either side. It is the complete lack of domestic checks and balances along with the use of Cold War Weapons that makes the Communist the enemy of the free world and Democracy's. As such the basic enemy of any country wishing for its people to be free is rooted in Communism.

Rider I
There is those who wish for spread of wealth via allowing the citizens to be strong and there is those who think they are god and that only they can spread the wealth out under their control. God once had to sit down with a tribunal of his angels and was told, free will and freedom should be humans best gift.

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