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"The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"

Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saudi Arabia and OPEC help the Communist Crush free world markets.

Today Saudi Arabia announced they have slashed barrel output by 800,000 barrels. Manly due to the fact that the Communist Chinese have been able to obtain barrels of gas from such OPEC countries as Venezuela for $5 a barrel for a very long time. This means that the Communist will easily be able to deal with the oil spike. Along with that it was well planned ahead of time that this would happen. With the attacks on BP by the Communist espionage units and Venezuelan submersibles that destroyed and wielded shut the BP platform. There is not doubt this oil spiking is a complete hit on the world to make OPEC and the Communist countries much richer than the free world markets. Along with that if the free markets do not properly deal with this by refuting with a mass building of electrical cars and a massive electrical grid increase. We will see the Communist Chinese who have cartelled over 16 SOE car manufactures flood the US with cheap electric cars as gas prices hit over $8 a barrel by the end of the summer. This also means that the US will more or less be unable to fund any air flights and trave along with military operations will become very expensive. This will then mean we will need cognition the basic new engines I have in the wings which do not use fuel or liquid at all for energy and can travel even longer ranges than fuel planes.

The correlation between the Communist and OPEC was long ago seen. And thus it could easily be stated as a world cartel market anti trust violation against the US and other free markets along with India, and Brazil. This is mainly unless of course OPEC goes behind the free worlds back and give them the same deal they gave Communist Chinese with is $5 a barrel for gasoline.

As such the Communist Chinese expect the Republicans to keep fighting for gasoline consumption. Which means the communist Chinese like tehir favorite saying will have a "win win". If OPEC keeps doing back door deals with the Communist for cheap goods, and keeps output low. Then the Communist get to sell their massive stock of uncompetitive created via Cold War Weapons and cartels electrical cars. While again the Communist Play the Muslim world for idiots. As after the Communist are done blowing up the market place with their cheap electrical cars. They will have destroyed the biggest market in the world which is personal travel, and centralized it in their country. While the Saudi's and OPEC completely lose their industries as no one will buy oil anymore because electric and bio grade products will take the place of Oil because this is the second time Saudi Arabia and OPEC have made back door deals with the Communist via their greed and easily appeased Monarchist style deals against fair trade and competition. In which again will spur a massive amount of cars that get great gas mileage. So again, thanks to the greed of Saudi Arabia and the wish of centralized industries around Communist China, we will see better cars and less reliance on the Muslim Monarchs. Which is funny because of the Monarchs could look past their emerald palaces or their mister's no veld faces and legs showing, while enjoying kissing and foundling in park cars in public places. They could easily see the Communist making a patsy of them much like they made a patsy of Venezuela people thanks to Hugo Chavez Monarch business tendencies.

Rider I
Which is funny because I do not need so say FU to the Monarchs because they have been our great ally for a long time against the Communist. As the Communist in proper intellectual battle style are saying it for everyone else who is being over exploited by high gas prices.

LOL I should start a a baby system with my future wife where we create 15 children and teach them all to be against Communism. Then I could have a whole system of little me's. That would be great, wifee would hate it though. Ok could you imagine what I could do with 15 babies. I mean, I already have plans how to get the rebelous ones how to rebel in a peacefull manner that will stil make them look nerdy but feel like they are rebelling. You know how you do that, you just do something stupid and it makes them want to rebel and be smart. I could teach them all different things depending on what their likes and dislikes are. I could have a Senator, a Republican a Democrat a Witch a facist religious, um a ball player a dancer, ah writer a cook. I could create a whole intellegence team out of my family would be so cool.

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