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"The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"

Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Cognitions that improperly allowed such empowerment.

The Communist Chinese Party is thought to have done some miracle with their economy. When it was not a miracle at all. As they have just gone from a socialist Communist Country into a transition country. However, the current cognition's that have not properly placed pressure at the top to transition into a political adversary have also then left the idea of the single unipolar power structure. Which will then use the old ways to do what they know how to do. As such, this bottom type feeding of cognition.

We where have seen such lackadaisical allowances as the Communist Chinese to be allowed into a free market and Democracy after they the US went to three wars against them. This system was also used on the Soviets. In which we places pressure on bottom links to conform to stop taking over the world, instead of proper pressure at the top. Which we are seeing in return from the CCP at the USA. As such, if the USA was to keep proper pressure on the Communist Chinese through their first transitional state we would not see such brat activity now because they would be more of a political adversary system. In which would stop them from doing such things and reverting back to Cold War strategies of using major SOE's centralized via resources and wealth to conquer foreign countries economically and politically, exactly like the Soviets did.

The US should have never allowed COSCO in. However, that was a very good power play by the MSS to attack the top so it could properly root in at the bottom to attack from top to bottom. The top bottom approach is simple. The economic warfare agent thinks. That if they can create an overhead of debt, and political control of major elements. Then they can easily start to control their prey for conquest. Furthermore, we then see that at the top their then is no one to stop them doing such at the bottom. This then leaves everyone else who the government is supposed to represent finding for themselves.

For example, lets take the Political Corruption of USA legislatures via improperly watched lobbyists as to a tier by tier funneling of funds for specific leaders. Then once those leaders see the CCP as a fellow buddy or friend to attack their opposition domestically. Which is usually done by extremist party members who do not believe in the political adversary, yet believe their party should take over everything; on either side. Thus, then we can see such activities that are very suspicious like a conservative not liking big government allowing in the worlds biggest governments operations into his area. More than suspicious activity.

Then, as those entities that are well documented in the world for housing Communist Chinese espionage agents are allowed to come in by the amarda loads. Then we will star to see similar affects of determent that we saw in the Soviet satellites. However, in a much bigger country. The funniest thing is that they will do it without even knowing. However, I know the MSS, and trust me the board game is 30 years long for them a games a game and a goal is a goal. I mean for example if all fails I am working on a plan that in 10 years will net me more than 40 million, that is if my green streets, or lawsuits do not pan out. It is easy, concentration book.

So then, we can see where an improper cognition has allowed the empowerment of the very single party that we fought three wars against and still empowers a country to fight another major war with us. As such, I would say like I do, lets play an I for an I. They corrupted one of our tops, lets get them back, and then lets get in something that is rooty tooty for us. That's fair. I mean we can play legal like we do. Which means we just have to find a comparable institution of game.  I like the goal of splitting the communist up and allowing in another major party to check them and balance them. That is a great rooty tutty. I would just have to figure out what kind of entity that would be to be comparable as to COSCO's wedge splitting of free markets and Democracy to allow in more SOE's. mmmm its a game. all written and thought. Funny they want to centralize our power, we just want them to stop being greedy and play fair.

Rider I

The basic idea is that the USA at the time of COSCO did not want them in. New they are a threat, and allowed them in based on our bigger and longer theory of game. However, the break in our line of chess players with was not properly calculated. If we allow in a foreign SOE. Then the whole idea and the whole existence of the USA which has been from start one. Is that each individual has their own right to own their own political opinion, labors and economics. As such, how can the USA ever go for its long term goal of creating Democracy and free markets, like we have now in the USA. If we allow in the very immoral being of the creation and entity of this country which is Communist SOE's. The most cruelest and sicking thing to the constitution and theory of the USA. A cold war weapon is the worst thing to the existence of a country that believes in self governance free markets and political adversary. I mean I could not imagine the feeling of the agent that gained that ground breaking root destroying play or the agent on the our side that allowed it to happen.

This country was founded on the belief of freedom and free markets. That anybody could own their own, and that all should be equal in the chase to do so. How is a Massive State Owned Enterprise in any part of any game that the US sees? It is not it is just weak intelligence defenses and gaming. Furthermore, the covering up of the President Clinton's being bullied which would have stopped that move and was a second try given by the dark side to the intelligence community, was a complete blithering mess and then they created a lie in social media to cover up the cognition. I am so surprised at the cognitions of this country. Given yes, the world is much freer than the days of the Soviets. However, the world is in much more a vulnerable place now that that the Communist admitted they will never become a Democracy nor a free market. I mean that was a here you go all try again with that COSCO move, and they where like ahhh lets lie and cover it all up with something society will drill on to red hearing it.

The worst part about the whole thing. Was it was the last part of the cartel that they needed to create the cycles of economic implosion via loss of jobs. That is because once they obtained the SOE port. They no longer had to pay competitive prices to store or dock their goods. Which meant, they where able to lose substantial amounts of costs. Which helped them take our jobs and our taxes, leaving us in this service void with no resources, losing military defenses every trough, and no way to pay our bills via international trade. There is a major difference from a free country and a communist country. One wants its characters to play fair and be free. The other wants to enslave them all to the single party and wishes to play via that enslavement so as to enslave the rest of the world to their ideas. One idea is freedom and the other is slavement. Again, the mental reports on Communists brain waves, reactions and the such to things show exemplary that is what their end game is. It is easy to do, the test is simple, show pictures of freedom, enslavement, dominance, subcultures and the such to a communist and they act one way, show them to a extreme religious or discriminative person and they act another way, show them to a person of free spirit and they act another way. Each way can be seen in many subjects as the same results. That would be a really interesting theory.

The Rider I

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