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Friday, May 27, 2011

Why jobs should be placed on the outstanding debt balance sheet.

The idea is that we need to place the loss of jobs on the debt sheet:

Assets - Liability
The way to do this is to take the jobs we have gained from the Communist Chinese minus the jobs lost. In which the ones lost would create a negative holding. Much like a liability. Which this liability then acts like a debt. As it means that our ability to create a production is lost until the specific job has been replaced. If it is not replaced we are in debt. As the CCP owns the job (like a stock, bond, loan or note), and thus forces us to pay them much like a loan note for the products that it produces and sells back to us. Furthermore, we lose the interest of skill, resource demand (national security), and the taxes for that lost job. Therefore the lost job acts exactly like a loan, stock purchase or other debt entity from the CCP. As such, I think we should place the loss of jobs on the debt sheet. I believe this would create a more realistic view of our debt to a foreign country. Along with that I believe that anti trust policies are based on the idea of a country being allowed to be able to balance its books with regards to trade. If we do  not place the loss of jobs on the books how are we supposed to properly balance our books and use it for anti trust international push?

As such, if we see a lost job like a outstanding debt to the Communist Chinese. It will properly move the lost jobs onto the accounting sheet. This then is a new theory and a brand new idea. Which will thus affect the economic macro policy of the USA. As leaders will then see that we are in serious debt to this country so we should be wary about any more jobs loss to them. However, the most important part of this is how it will affect our inflation. Inflation is a major part of the economic implosion theory.

Inflation is so important to the economic implosion theory basically because it creates a false sense of capital. In which the rate of ones trade apparatus the currency is placed at a higher or lower level. This then increases the prices of things. This means that things become more expensive to purchase and one needs to earn more currency to do so. There is a myriad of ways to deal with that. One is to raise the level of currency given via labor. However, that is not the major impact to the country under inflation. The major impact to the country under inflation is the loss of the ability to pay for its jobs. This is because of instead of realizing it is not doing enough trade with others to gain value. It creates fictional value. As such, this fiction value or inflation creates a bubble. This is because the increase in value of the currency allows for more purchase of foreign goods instead of the creation of domestic goods. As there was not enough creation of domestic goods to pay for the bills so they created a false sense of value.  This false sense of value is then known as an inflation bubble.

Bubbles are only able to get so big before they bust. This is because they take up only enough room in which they can spread and expand the goods and services that great value inside of their country. Therefore, once a country runs out of the job market as in a service bell curve boom bust. We see the bubble burst. This is because the thing that is creating the value for the citizens based on the false value of inflation can only be spread so thin. This value then deflates as there is no liquidity for the value to keep going via trade of production or services. So what we then see, is the reality of what happens when a simple error on the accounting macro sheet is off.

It creates a false sense of value. Which then spread thing the little value that is created as the currency inflates and all prices rise. Then once there is no more value in the service industry or domestic non value ladden foreign treasury gaining industry, we see a burst. Therefore, we can easily fix that. This then means we have to slow or stop the inflation from creating a bubble that spreads the USA to thin. As the higher the bubble goes the more the economy crashes. This means if there is a major bubble then the crash will hurt more. However, if the bubble is not a bubble but a proper business cycle then the it becomes more spread out. In which the inflation is not allowed to get out of control.

This is because the countries leaders will be able to see as jobs are lost more and more to a foreign country. Therefore, once the debt ratio get so high via the lost jobs being placed on the debt sheet. We will see a serious reaction before we go into a bubble or inflationary cycle. This then will create a realization that instead of hiding the major loss of jobs in positive income industries like production, mining and others, we will see them on the sheet. As such, where as the USA had a good debt rating during all the other bubbles. We will no longer see such a thing. Which will throw up bells and whistles that the USA is losing its value ladden industries.

The basic example is an economy in which they can't produce things to sell because they can't compete. As such, they create a service bell industry curve. In which the local economy is stimulated based on inflationary spending of the government. As the service market grows so does the bubble. As the prices of things become more expensive in the economy as the government spends more money to help the industry go. Then we see the industry become the center of attention for most industries. This is when other jobs that actually create positive income via exports are seriously neglected. As such in my theory we would see on the debt balance sheet serious red flags go up as we lose more jobs to a certain country. As such, this would then allow legislators to look at the problem and address the loss of jobs that is creating a major debt in the country. This then allows for the service industry to not be the main stay of the economy. Which would give a second curve to the economy that could withstand a decrease in the service bell curve. As we have seen the service bell curve drive the last three bubbles.

In conclusion placing lost jobs on the debt sheet is the truthful thing to do. It lowers our rating, through up bells and whistles, and it allows the USA to properly address seriously neglected areas. Furthermore, this would stop the bubbles from getting to high and give them a cushion to land on as the production curves would not be allowed to be stripped during the bubble. While thus causing inflation to stay low as the goods and services in the USA would stay in the USA. This then, means the USA's bubble would become more like a business trough cycle with a twin curve running nicely together. Instead of a major inflationary spending which is forced and lead by a single service bell curve, that bubbles out of control. Along these lines, the necessary elements of a countries economy is to be able to bring in enough foreign currency to create a treasury to have a surplus so as to be able to help others. In ending, this would also place a proper balance and check on the Communist Chinese party and their single world dominance via resource acquisition's. As the USA, would naturally as it properly and truthfully placed the lost jobs on the sheet, would stop their jobs that demand resources from leaving the country. As their debt ratio would be to high and they would not be able to operate via pressure from economists. Therefore, stopping the economic implosion as the USA keeps a proper healthy balance in its economy.

Rider I

Somebody should debate this matter, and see if it holds true. 

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