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Monday, May 30, 2011

How the Principle of lost jobs on a debt balance sheet makes IE more competitive.

The basic idea in international economics is that trade should be equitable and fair. This means if one country trades to one country for such and such a time. In anti trust laws that country then has to allow the other country to regain the trade to pay of the bills. Which means, in all reality there should be a constant growth and decline in surpluses. Instead of a constant incline in some countries surpluses and a constant decline in others. Therefore, to get his principle of IE sharing to hold strong. We need to code the templates of balance sheets.

As such, what we see is the idea of a mutiplict reserve system allows for a floating currency. In this floating currency we can see that the underdeveloped countries get to develop by being able to produce products at a cheaper rate. In which then replaces the country that previously had the lower currency and allows that countries surplus to lower as the necessary element of the next is developed. We would have to see this principle play out first to actually see the necessary LJDB principle play out. However, we should see this principle playing out between developed countries, like Communist China and the USA.

First we have to show what a developed country is. A developed country is a country in which it can provide for each of its citizens either by possibility of ability to produce or producing. So as we currently see the USA could easily create enough jobs via proper trade tariffs to produce for its citizens, it is developed. Along with that the Communist Chinese have enough surplus stored up in SOE's and SOE banks along with currency reserves that if they had a free market that was not ~56% owned by the Communist Chinese government. We could see that they are also developed. However, they just store their reserves for international contract bidding via illegal Cartel recapitalizing, that forces their SOE banks and other entities to inflate their economy and have very bad banking sheets.

So if we see via possible ability and ability to provide for all that they two countries in question are developed. We then move into the idea of how a lossed job category on the debt balance sheet will create a fairer competition via international trade anti trust laws. This is because if the two do a proper amount of trade with developing countries. We could also see the necessary element of market creation for the developed countries to trade in a incline decline surplus with each other. This would mean that we would have to create a single country to country balance sheet in economic trade. Which is very easy to do.

Therefore, once we have the proper economic balance sheet of economy between two countries. We take a look at see if the job losses or gains are on the balance sheet. I am guessing you will not see it. As I have done the calculations via my principle of MEI, and from what I have heard they are not there. As such, we then see if the proper calculations are done it will drive up the debt to surplus ration between a country. As such, instead of seeing things as a small number that is no threat to an economy The real number will be seen. The reason why the real number is so important is that jobs are the root of the economy. If the root is not properly being calculated then a country can't properly place international pressure or local pressure to regain its balance and surplus. In which would mean, instead of the USA being 2 million jobs in debt to the CCP, if my principle was used we would be placing much more international clout on them to expand their domestic market instead of constantly creating pressure for their SOE's to expand their international markets. Which would then mean that the it would benefit the world as a whole As the CCP would have to be checked to be more competitive. While the other countries would have a chance to gain international market shares so they could grow and expand in close proximity to those in the developing graduation class.

The reason for this is the countries economists would not be able to lie and say that the loss of jobs is not that big a thing. Therefore, we would see more realistic truths in economics. As such, the countries legislature would place more pressure on the Communist Chinese to allow the USA to regain its lost jobs that are creating a massive debt loss in the USA. As the ability of a country to have a surplus means its ability to have a good growth rate. This is because growth is mainly done through surplus. Therefore, instead of seeing the Communist Chinese build the worlds biggest dams, computers, complete computer cities, and bubble green cities. We would see other countries building roads, and schools and security to help them stop their poverty.

However, currently we see a very uncompetitive international economic macro outlook. We see the USA with the worlds worst account balances, along with job losses. We see the Bric that should be developing at a higher rate stunted by a country that is much richer than them. While we see countries that need jobs going without. This is all because of a simple economic accounting principle not being realized.  Which means the whole idea of job loss would have to be recalculated and proper dealt with instead of some graph or chart that  is not placed on the accounting sheet. That is used primarily for a single vote, it would be there every day and every night. In which would force folks to do something about it. As a simple job loss graph can be placed away or not remembered once the legislative presentation is done in the hall. However, if it is on the balance sheet, it will stress the economists. Which means that it will place proper stress on the legislatures to properly deal with the matter.

Rider I

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