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Friday, May 27, 2011

Well not going to that seminar.

I was told a while ago. However, I had no money and could not get any money. Plus I do not have a student ID. As such, the day I finally $10 to buy a ticket they are sold out. That sucks I was really hoping to hang out with some folks.

I have been borrowing money from all my king for 6 months now and I was just able to pay them back. Along those lines my credit card maxed at $600 and my debit card is negative $120. So for me to even get a ticket I would have had to ask my kin for my help. Which they would tell me that going to a seminar is not as important as food. However, I know they would have done it. Yet, I have to place the brakes on at some point. So my best friend was the last avenue of hope. As I was going to use her card to buy it. As she loves me even though I owe her $745 for a trip to Napa she paid for. However, when she finally came over in a good mood. That place was sold out.

So I just missed out on a lifetimes worth of connections and introductions. Sucks when one is in the Trenches and tapped out. However, when PBJ's become hard to come by, $10 is a lot of money. Along with the bus trip to get there, and the ride back. Either that or the gas and parking. All of which I do not have. So I love my kin but I do not want them to see me as some Political Economic nut spending all of his money on things like books and seminars, instead of food and proper clothing for a job. So I did not ask. I guess things are pretty hard for me right now. $10 a lot of money 7 months ago I would have laughed with fresh kin ties, and proper credit paid down. Now its dark and cold in the trenches. I know the king will always love. However, I need to save the last few may I's for necessities.

Rider I

Check did not come in like it was supposed too, car has to be sold, and well, excuses are like arse wholes and I am sure one of those right now.

That is how I roll with my ladies. I pay then they pay, then we pay then I pay, if it is a special day then I pay, if it is my special day I pay. Every other day we act like grown folks in the USA. As she makes way more than I do. What kind of best friend do you have, would she take you to Napa and pay for it?

I still want to hang out with that fella I talked too though. I mean he said he will be done here around these parts. So maybe I can get meet up with him to talk some about this matter. I mean, everybody I knows can't talk Communist Economic Warfare Implosion tactics and prepare proper defenses for it. So most of the time I am in lawdy law land, now a days when my friends are talking about things. It would be nice to converse with somebody on a level of my intelligence.

I know I can borrow gas money, that is an always and forever. So I can drive there, and I have some change for a cup of tea.

Rider I

I mean, maybe folks do not want to talk to me about this matter. However, as I see it I see a bunch of entities not really doing what I have in my mind. I mean the Communists are going to move in Communist SOE state owned farms. Which means, I can't live my dream as the competition level sky rockets and becomes very unfair with major corporations and the such, driving up prices for all as they have to pay more taxes and deal with more international competition. So I need to go around to all the farmers, business and the such and get money from them to stop this from happening. The Chinese Free enterprises are one thing and welcome. However, their Communist major Big Government entities are a whole other thing, especially if they are trying to destroy us unlike the others we trade with.

I think I am going to ask for some funds anyways tomorrow, and drive up there and see if I can't maybe meet with him for a few minutes before hand so I can catch some bearings on this matter on where others stand. I mean, we talked but, it was more like short talk, I would like to know more and see if my ideas play out in others heads like I see it.

The problem is that I do not know what they could tell me. That is the problem. I want to talk to somebody, however, the problem is I know it all. I just need help doing it. I know how to attack them legally and properly, I know how to create research reports and get them published, and I know what I need to find out and how to find it out. The problem is I think I am a know it all on this matter. I guess that would be the problem. What don't I know? oh I know how to get up the ladder. Which is just all hard work. I need to get in. I was told how to get in. So now I just need to get the funds. The problem I have with societies when I am out of school. Is one my bosses always work me hard, and two they cost more money than I have. However, for what i want to do I need to join about 35 Socities. In which I need to climb the ladder. That means about $8,000 with of dues alone each year.

I mean Larry MacDonald was a major threat to Communist Economic Warfare Implosion tactics. The main reason was because he was in so many Societies, and was able to speak at all of them to get to the main heads of folks who let other folks now. My suits are all dirty from working in them on cars and moving old boxes and the such, can't afford to clean them, nobody going to hire me for a proper livable wage. School is expensive, hopefully I can sell my car. But that will have to last me for necessities. Darn women friend is not the country type always harping on going commercing at the main street. So I need to figure this out. I can do it. I mean one man was able to literally control tens of societies with regards to cognitions against Communist resource and wealth centralization. I need to gain that status. The worst part is I have been behind this darn blog posts losing my mind for so long now, that I will have to regain the proper swagger inside of societies to be able to sway and move.
The problem with all this writing is that the best I hope to due is to confuse folks. As then they have to go due the research themselves. This then helps them obtain the cognition of truth. Where as if you write the report for them, they can read it rebut it and you have no refutation to their cognitions. However, in 35 societies I would be able shake hands and explain and help with proper argumentation. Like my Hero Larry MacDonald did.
Even better I just might stand in front of the place where folks are walking in and just tell them about Idaho and Indiana myself. I mean as a Senator of the College we used to go out with polls the such and just stand there and ask folks. I think AT&T guards would not mind me bothering folks at a Political rally. Then again, I have never done that outside of my jurisdictional and without a proper title and a lead President to say it was ok.

That will get my blood flowing again. Been a long time since I fought with a microphone and a hand shake.

How to pay for parking. I had to deal with that for years when I was a Paralegal spending upwards of $1,000 out of my pocket when I was only making around $1600. How not to pay for parking. I need to hit google maps.

Yep that sounds like fun. I got my slacks, tie and dress shirt along with black shoes out and my sweat shirt as I have not received a sports coat through the proper channels.

Rider I

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