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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I wonder if I can Slapp Baidu

I am not an attorney, I know nothing and am doing this out of the feelings in my heart and soul towards actions taken against me. Which if I am sued I will comply with the proper battle.

I mean they are doing a public

"SLAPP filers frequently use lawsuits based on ordinary civil claims such as defamation, conspiracy, malicious prosecution, nuisance, interference with contract and/or economic advantage, as a means of transforming public debate into lawsuits."

I mean

I mean Baidu is Conspiring against me and my cite. If they or the Communist think I am defaming them a simple demand letter stating in complaint what areas are in argument would cause me to take down such activites. I have stated that over and over again, and believe it is in my disclaimer. 

It is really simple to do I mean you can electronically send it here to my cite. And as I do not really want to be sued I will take it down after the demand letter, as long as the complaint is proper and shows me specific areas. 

I would say such things as me saying Taiwan is part of the UN are arguable. Other things like the COSCO being a criminal entity as such too. However, I can prove these things. Which would mean I would go through the letter and if I could not prove it I would take it down and or send you proof. SO we could not discriminate against me and my Democratic place of debate collection materials. 

I mean in the old days, if somebody was hurt and they wanted to fight, they slapped them. Which meant please apologize, or we are going to dule. I will send my demand letter, and then expect to be allowed onto Baidu's search engine. If I recieve no response in a timely legal manner, then I will file charges, because I am about to go ballastic legal and proper like. 

I have been hoping somebody would SLAPP me cause I used to love that when I was in the ring or the gym and folks see little me and think they can talk trash on me because I was not with any specific tribe and did not have any back up. Then all the other tribes backed me up and I slapped them back and we got it on, old school style in the ring baby. 

Now that Baidu is being attacked I know where to find them and who their warrior is. As such, my proseuction is not malicious 

So then I just have to uphold these matter so as not to be counter sued. 
(1) that the defendant filed and/or prosecuted the underlying civil action; (2) a favorable termination of the prior case, in which the innocence of the former defendant was established; (3) the absence of probable cause, meaning that no reasonable attorney would have considered it to be tenable; (4) malice, which can be implied from a conscious disregard for the consequences, from a lack of probable cause, and from inadequate investigation and research, and (5) damages

1. I will file, 2. I do not think that there has been such issues presented as Defamation and Decency in Equity. 3. Probable cause, it is a civil rights issue, many issues in civil rights have had to be litigated to find the proper cause in a new area. 4. As one can see I will do proper research on the case material and all the evidence I need is two simple statements. Along with that I will ask for such high settlement that obviously it is not malicious because I want an opinion on my issues. 

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

This is a lie and very malicious in its intent to broadcast to the world that my cite has been moved or is temporarily down. Neither is true as temporary is defined as: a limited time. However, the cite has never gone down. Google let it slip once or twice and I was attacked and cites lost. However, it has never gone down for the limited time that is every single day. 

I wonder if I could do that. The only problem will be the reality that if no first amendment attorney wants to take the case, then there is a serious chance for malicious prosecution countering. However, again, in civil rights cases, people have had to stand up and fight, and place their lives on the line legally. I think that this issue is new. I will do the proper research and I will then fight if so. I almost 100% sure that my cause of action of Equity in Decency is new, and I would like to try it. 

I should call Google and talk to them. There is not a day that goes by that I think I am doing something wrong. In which I am constantly having thoughts daymares of having cuffs placed on me for speaking my mind and to me saying my peace. From what I have read that is normal in a civil rights warrior. 

There are very few people who have felt that way that have not done anything wrong. It is a feeling of confusion, pain, fast heart beats, and the constant feeling of cuffs being placed around ones wrists. Along with fear of those who do not like my idea of stopping single party rule trying to hurt me. It is an everyday fear I fear. I have read books in on the feelings of people who have had to pioneer civil rights, against those who would rather not fight or are to scared to go through the motions. I mean, the feeling is like no other feeling I have ever had. I mean knowing that this fight could potential create freedom and stop single party rules and such, is a very heavy burden. When I sleep I wake up in cold sweats and my bed is torn apart. I have woken in fear ripping my laundray basket up with my fists. I ask myself why go on this adventure? Why do this, if nobody cares then why should I. Am I really some kind of partriot civil rights fighter. Am I doing the right thing, have those before me that have laid it all on the line felt in their souls and hearts that there was nothing else they could do in this world every night and weekend after work except fight legally and peacefully. I I am not nuts I was prepared for this by my elders. They said it is just a Mac blood fault. In which it is called a quickening. You will see something and you will have to fight for it. All we hope is that you fight through free speech and education, as that is what we all want for you. I feel it, I feel it like nothing else in the world. However, I could walk away. If I lose and the courts say the motion in limine is granted then game over, I fought I tried, and I move on. I never really felt this way, except right before big games, or fights.


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