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The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"

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Monday, May 30, 2011

What is 5150


Is one somebody gets something stuck in their head that it becomes the weight of the world. It is well documented in military apparatus in which causes a wall syndrome. This is because the solider gets somebody stuck in their mind so much that they can't think about anything except for seeing them. That is what I have. It is not a illness, nor is a problem per se. Great scholars have had 5150. Tesla himself was 5150 for time travel. I have that to the bone. The idea of being able to fly in space and be able to watch my children fly their space mobiles in space is driving me crazy. I see the Communist Chinese as the man root of the fear. In which they will if allowed to take power force all humans to be stuck to a State Capitalist system. Where it is almost impossible to spread the wealth via small business and medium business. This is because corporations will become way to big, as SOE's are allowed to grow and expand. This will mean that such things as an individual owning enough market shares via their production of a business, to create space mobiles will not happen. The idea of seeing my children in their space mobiles as I teach them how to drive in outer space, or watching my children sit on my lap as I teach them to navigate space in our own individual mobile is my 5150. As such when somebody is 5150, they have to find a way to solve the problem. For me it is an intricate set of equations in which I must accomplish.

 First and foremost I must make sure the Communist Chinese allow the spread of resources and production to other nations that are not in the current neo mercantilism. Then I must make sure that the Communist Chinese stop concentrating so much on foreign affairs and SOE conquest. This is only done legally by creating a proper opposition and competition that can check and balance their international economic power. Thus, the only legal way I can do that is by making sure the USA can regain her strength to start to re spread the international wealth of resources and value across the world. She can only do that if she can gain a surplus economy. Because we can then again create another opposition to the great neo mercantalist. In which when Britain become neo mercantalist, we created Japan, when Japan become neo mercanaalist we created China. Now I have to turn to the next developmental cycle. Which is currently up in the air on who ever helps mother the most to regain her strength. So we can redivy out her love and tinder care again.

However, I think I would like to do a multiplicity of building this time. So we do not have to go through the last three empire buildings detriments. As such, I have to re-figure the wheel by using all the old games in which we unipolarly created a major opposition to mother. As such, I believe I can spread the old wheel out and use the same basic idea, of political and economic pressure to create free markets. In which we could then see instead of one major country being shifted up, a whole spread of countries gaining wealth. Then again, that is only if I can get mother to regain her strength through a surplus. As, as long as Communist China stays as powerful in centralized wealth and resources. I will not be able to spread the international economy out. Also, the Communist Chinese are inable to do this, as we have seen through their interactions with the Bric. The major problem, is that the USA never really meant to do these things. It is just the idea of the US legislatures placing so much thought and process into one country. In which I see as archaic and bad game my  dear old school leaders. I think the new generation will be able to handle more and muti task much more efficiently with multiple countries. Like we did with the Germany, Russian and Communist Chinese building.

The problem then becomes, how to do this. I know that the monster at the table has to be tamed. So that is where my 5150 lays. I can't stop thinking about that issue. As I have not yet been able to solve how I will be able to properly and legally get the Communist Chinese to allow the spread of resources and wealth to other nations, via a production cycle of positive income. As I know in their heart they wish to dominate the world. However, the dominator is the one who wishes not to dominate but to see everyone being able to compete fairly against her. Now shifting gears in a major free market and Democracy is one of the hardest things to do. I mean folks get this idea that a unipolar trade deficit is a good thing and they just can't stop. I mean most every single business entity in the world, thinks the Communist market is the bees knees. Which is not true.

The truth is that the real market is a mutiplict market of real developing countries. In which the Communist market becomes an opposition market. As the idea of penetrating them leaves out ways to develop other countries.  As such that means that there it leaves no country with the ability to check and balance the current massive build up of international wealth and resources in the Communist Chinese.

As such, we then see the Bric being used to further help the Communist Chinese take a hold of the world wealth. This is primarily because they are being used against each other in so as to stop opposition to the Communist Chinese. As such, the Communist then use them in declaring war to stop the free market's from being able to stop the Communist Chinese from hording the worlds wealth and resources. This then means that major countries in the world are all working against each other to allow the Communist Chinese to further develop their centralized SOE resource and wealth.

This then means instead of seeing a proper spread of wealth via all countries anticompetitive behavior against each other in good faith. We start to see blocs and brics being created just to survive the centralization of wealth and resources being allowed by the Bric as the Communist wish it. This anti competitive behavior can then be traced back to the Soviets when they did the same thing, as the Communist Chinese are now doing in the Bric.

The basic idea then was to create a single world currency. Then to create a union of countries that could oppose them and really cause a threat via ability to develop market space at a higher rate than them. In which they could easily use their current status as centralized resource and wealth to control their only opposition. Instead of allowing for proper competition and fair contractual deals. We have seen the Communist Chinese use such deals to squander resources from the Bric as, bribery, political corruption, and cartel activity with a massive amount of SOE's working together to create uncompetitive behavior even for those countries in the same level as them. Which the use of such illegal activities has sky rocketed the Communist Chinese way above and far beyond the Bric itself. However, the Communist Chinese like the Soviets need to keep control of the Bric. This is because if they lose their control. The USA and free markets can start with the sharing behavior. Which is primarily done through forcing fair competition and proper opposition.

As such, if the USA and free markets can't force the proper developing countries to go against the Communist Chinese who currently have an illegal ownership of over 90% of the worlds resources, and massive uncompetitive SOE cartels. Then we will see a similar affect to what happened in the Soviet Union. We will see the Communist Chinese taking all of the free trade contracts and gaining more market shares for more wealth than the Bric is allowed to gain. This will again be done by their current status as world resource and wealth holder. As such, will be used in very aggressive and extremely hostile acts against the Bric if they do not follow what they seek to be done via their requests of the Bric. This should be checked to see if my theory is true by easily showing the amount of free trade contracts and production units as compared to the supposed same developing countries in the Bric. If I am correct I believe the Communist like the Soviets did, have a much higher FTA, and production output than the Bric and maybe even a couple of the Bric's placed together.

We will then see further acts of aggression where the CCP acts exactly like the Soviets did by constantly harrasing the US's foreign policy with regards to economic values. As such, we have seen these actions already. In which during the crash the CCP spent all of its energy on the idea that it was the USA's fault. When there was much more reliance on Communist market places than there was the USA. This behavior is exactly like the Soviets. Furthermore, we will see the CCP using the Bric to stop the ability of the USA to gain enough contracts to balance its budgets. This will be done by the CCP stating that it is not them that is greedy but the USA. Which will be false. As the USA has barely enough exports to produce for its own surpluss. In which all the Bric nations have major surpluses. Then the CCP will uses those surpluses for its own advantage. In which it will know that it has to dwindle it's possible competition's surpluses and somehow gain their treasure reserves to stop them from becoming a possible check and balance. This again is very similar to the Soviets. However, except for my theory of the FTA's and production units. We will not see the full blown CCP treasure raiding until they feel they have enough power of the USA. As even with the Bric declaring cold war on us. We will still step in once the CCP gets very bullish like the Soviets did.

The idea of the Cold war and the Soviets is simple. The so is so did idea is similar if you dissect the Soviets major actions and take out the idea of free enterprises. In which we can see, that the Soviets where able to get the Bloc last time to create a full scale war against US and free market multiplicity of currency reserves. Which in itself is the main act of declaration of cold war. The declaration of a Cold war is not necessarily that they are trying to hurt as. As when they stop using our currency reserves it will hopefully weaken our values so we can trade more. It is more the idea of the big bully bullying the little ones to believe that they are correct. This idea upsets the USA and its free market and Democracies very much. As the idea of freedom is based on a fair competitive competition and not a coercive coalition of countries working against each other with anger towards a specific one. This then means that the CCP was able to get the Bric to believe that it was the USA's fault. In which again, as the CCP owns the majority of the worlds reserves and production. Along with the majority of trade. We can see that it would be almost impossible for the USA to be whole at fault for the economic collapse.

Then then mainly use the idea of cloud economics. Which is primarily liquidity and stocks. As the idea of financing is the only game left when a country or idea is under economic warfare. Which is what is happening to all those countries that believe in a free market. This can be shown if you look at their rate of GDP in production and exports as compared to services. If you then take a look at their imports and own sovereignty of economics. Most all of the free markets have major balance sheet issues with a specific country in the world.

I did a new economic calculation which places the job and resource debt on balance sheet for debts. If this is used we can then see that the Marshallian economic principle is held true. As the MEI principle is based on the natural law that economics is just the management of ones surroundings. Which means that all debt via all economic holdings of the foreign entity are taken in. As such, the loss of jobs and the loss of demand for resources via the lost jobs should also be placed on sheet. If we then do this we will see a realistic idea of how much debt each country is into the Communist Chinese for.

My example is rough however, it creates the necessary outline for a proper research committee on the matter.
The idea is you take the lost jobs to a center country. Then you subtract the gained jobs. Then one takes the resource demand for the lost jobs. As such, one finds out the calculation of the necessary elements in war time if we need to regain these contracts and how much it could cost, and then in peace time in which we currently have to spend for not having any contracts. Which is a little bit harder to do. The idea of lost resources via demand as per lost jobs. Is not easy to calculate how much that can costs. However, as I am not a PHD I am sure that there is a necessary military element. Which could be anything from such things as quotas placing higher rates all the way to the price we could get it at home from the price we could get it abroad if the lost jobs where still here and the demand for resources, was still relevant then costing less for military applications. Very complex. As such, I will just stick with the job debt loss.

So we take the idea that we have lost 2 million jobs to the Communist Chinese. Which we then off sheeted improperly. As those jobs have become a debt, that need to be repaid. The reason why they are a debt is because the loan payment for that debt is the payment of goods from the lost jobs, in which the interest is the cost of lost skills, demand for resources, and taxes that where created by this job. So if we take a simplier example as again, I am not on the proper pay scale to the algo's for the necessary complex elements. We can see that if we lose  2 million jobs and the necessary gain of taxes at a full scale spend or allowance of savings in the bank. Which means we can see a dollar per dollar tax level. We then just take the full amount of the lost jobs pay. So if we take each job lost at a very rough element of  ~$38,000 we can see the lost jobs cost the USA about 76 trillion dollars. However, of course we have gained some jobs back. Which I have already calculated out of the equation. So if there was 2.5 million jobs and we have gained that amount in similar value creation back Then we have no need to calculate those.

The idea is rough. However, I know that it needs to happen. Jobs and resources should not just dissapear off the assets and liability sheet. I mean, in reality a job is lost because the assets sheet goes down and the liabities sheet stays the same. Which means one has to then properly balance the sheet by off sheeting the job. However, in a country it is not the same way. As we loss jobs not because we have a higher liability. But because we are not able to compete. Which means, that job just can't be off sheeted. As there is a citizen who still needs a job. The problem then becomes, the necessary element to hold the proper anti trust laws to a certain country that one is dealing with. If a country is allowed to have no proper holding of jobs taken then the country and the country doing business with. Have no real way to see how fair the trade is. Except for trade deficit. However, if the jobs where allowed to stay on the liability sheet as a debt for that country. We could then see exactly how fair the trade is between that country.

In which, we would be able to see that the USA is with regards to our current debt 400% in debt to the Communist Chinese. This means if the CCP was to allow the USA to regain all of its lost jobs. The USA would be at level of surplus.

So then we can see that most of the free countries have not grasped this idea. As no one holds accountable the Communist for taken their jobs. In which then showing a proper calculation via the debt owed to have them returned. This then would show that not only does the USA have to pay for the stocks that have taken but they also have to pay for the jobs that have been taken too. Which is a more realistic debt calculation.
The basic idea would be then that the US is in a serious debt crisis. In which most countries just take in the stock and other financial debt. However, they do not take into account the root economic debt. Which is jobs and resources.

I think the idea of placing jobs on a countries debt balance sheet would be a great thing. The economc paper itself I believe would win a noble peace prize. As this could hold countries more accountable to play fair. The reason why it would be more accountable to play fair is we would see a lot less of what we are seeing today with the Communist Chinese. Which is the constant give me give me. As the idea would then be a country would see its debt ratio and say we can't give you anymore we are in substantial debt to you and we need to pay that off. In which like happens when something goes into debt. That would force a power to wish to gain more jobs. As such, placing more pressure on that country to expand its domestic market place to create a balanced trade sheet between the two. Instead of what we see today. Which is the Communist Chinese want every-bodies value from stocks, to jobs to taxes. In which they then have a hard time properly regiving back those values. As they then wish to instead of properly allow imports. They wish to create more exports via their companies and resources. So as to create an idea that we are gaining jobs. However, those jobs are attacked to a moving algorithm of the actual resources that are being shipped in at the costs of our treasure that is being shipped out to purchase the resource. Instead of having those resources owned by a US company and refilitering the value back into the USA. In which the job creation by a foreign company exporting its company into a country as an import to the country that lost the jobs. Would not be able to properly place that created job on the balance sheet without a minus calculation attached to it of the moving algorithmic of lost capital of the accumulated jobs as a whole and the resource exp indentures.

Thus meaning that a normal algo without the proper resource expenditures would not be able to be allowed. Furthermore, there could be also a whole corporate accounting. As when whole corporations are off sheeted it is the same idea. We have lost a corporation and its main earning potential as a tax producer. As such, until the US can regain a corporation and its net surplus of treasure held domestically that would also be a debt too.

This is very good I think i could make somebody famous if they further this idea.

Rider I
Maybe if my service bell curve lead of the boom bust idea is rejected for my Macro analysis of international economic relations. I can do this one instead. I think that doing a macro movement of jobs on a debt sheet analysis would be very cool and maybe even a way to create a more competitive international economy. 

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