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"The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"

Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The further allowance of Communist State Owned Enterprises will Cause more determents.

If we can use historical application of Soviet Style Cold War and then specific examples of CCP SOE COSCO. We can see that the if the US allows more Communist SOE's into its country it will be torn apart and most likely go into further debt. Of course their free enterprises are more than welcome. However at the time and point when specific examples can be given from Soviet style and now CCP style economic warfare. The US can't allow this to happen. If the US does allow this to happen the CCP will naturally tear apart the US from the inside out.

The CCP is shown to be acting in exact historical cycle affect as the Soviet Union did. This is as the Soviet Union used their SOE's to first invade the country via their economic cheapness of not having any competition and forcing their citizens out of their ability to own the market instead of the party owning the market. As such, after this is done the Soviet Union would then illegally fund politicians in foreign countries that their forceful told the world where part of their country like Poland, Hungary and the such. In which the Politicians in those countries that where being illegally funded would then place in the international clout the idea that yes they wanted to be part of the Communist Party as their country. After which the Soviets would then invade the country if there was any opposition and kill and mame anyone who did not want to be part of the Communist Party. After that they would then centralize that countries resources to the mainland of the Soviets. In which would control that countries politics and economy through the Communist Party. This then allowed the decrease in individual market shares, increase in centralization of the single fascist party style, while furthering the idea that the Soviets Owned the USA too.

As such, we then see the second coming of the Communist Party and their Soviet style tactics. This is then mirrored in exactly what the Communist Chinese are doing. First we can see them creating very cheap products through massive State Owned Enterprises that are constantly subsidized by their citizens labors and values through the centralized party taken huge amounts of money from them to be placed in SOE banks that re capitalist these industries when they can't meet capital funding do to such short and cheap sales. These cheap sales and constant recpatalizing then force US jobs to be outsourced as there is no proper international realization of what is going on. As such, the US loses jobs in every sector. This then creates over a 76 trillion dollar a year tax deficit due to the loss of over 2 million jobs holding strong. In which the real number 2.5 fluctuates about .5 million jobs. Therefore, we then see the US having to take out more debt to pay for the lost jobs that create taxes to fund their social stability. In which is then debted to the very Communist Party that is creating unfair tactics via their centralized economy. At which time, we then see that the US is blamed with billions of dollar placed in propoganda exactly like the Soviets did for every economic problem. Which then starts to drag on US domestic politics as if it is there problem. This then turns on many players that are weak and could not tell a root from a bird poo theory, to believe that the Communist Party is the solution to the problem. Eventhough in reality their are the problem and the solution is treating with a realist point of view that they are trying to destory the US just like the Soviets did. After that we see these weak leaders start to invite the very things that abroad stool our jobs and taxes. In this idea they state it will create jobs. But it does not it creates more negative income. This is because the major of the surplus currency that would normally go to a free enterprises to be spent in the economy, will go to the SOE centralized economy to be placed back in the constant recaptalizing and cycle communist cold war model. As such, we then see a serious loss in domestic jobs not only to exports but also to State Owned Enterprisese. Which then causes the problem of more centrralizsed wealth to a foreign power through the allowance of them inside of the market. At this time these SOE's gain so much power and political weight that they are easily able to illegally fund politicains that they had been previously creating reliationships with and minor illegal funding. In this manner we can then see that they are given even more power and clout to centralize not only the US economy but the worlds econom to their party. This is because the US is the biggest dissentor to any single party rule or tyrancy. As such, the US and world loses this ability to defend the world against the Communist Chinees by allowing them. Therefore, as we see the US economy decline by this non defense to cold war tactics and Soviet models of economy, we see the CCP start to arm communist gureillas inside of the US. With weapons that US militia members do not have like RGP's and fertilizer bombs. At this time we start to see a deterioation of the US social net and stability as more and more communist guerillas are raised via funding and Political leaders start to lean more communists instead of freedom. At this time the CCP has far expand its high technological field as we are see the US is currently 4 years in a high tech trade debt not because we do not sell to them but just in production terms and units created. That is when we see the major Communist units of North Korea being used to infilitrate the US as the CCP sits at home and puppets like it did in North Korea, Vietnam and many others areas. This then means the US becomes a third world economy with the worlds worst debt due to loss of jobs, then it becomes a third world due to factions being illegally funded and armed. In which then leads to the Communist being allowed to use their North Korea to come into the US to stabilize it for the world order.

That is why I think that SOE's should not allowed in, they are not units of free markets. In which can easily be checked and arrested if they commit illegal acts. They are an entity that once in can never be removed, and will do what their intellegence offices want them to due. Which history shows, illegal funding of politicians, and arming of guerillas not to mention stealing of women and children for the Communist Parties elitist like Kim Jung Ill for their pedophile and virgin along with rape fetishes.

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Rider I

The problem with Single Totalatarian ideas of forced communal enslavement is basically that in Democracy it is a momy and daddy thing. They check each other on the estregene of to much hugging and squeezing and to much being an arse whole. However, in ST's it's a sicko theory. In which they pervert power to a single power which is them and they have so much power that is corrupts their soul, we saw this during Senator Sherman's time in the watchers when Capitalist who where allowed to much power without any proper other group or individual competition in business would act similar in corruption as Kings and Monarchs used to do. Therefore, the easiset thing to do to catch off guard a Communist who has been strangled by the theory of single power non sharing wealth, in some backwards theory which would then share wealth, is to well, place them in a room with a lady and have the lady be friendly but not whoreish. Works everytime, they will beat their arse and try and dominate them as if they have ultimate power over others without checks and balances. Along with that, the easiset trace to do to see where corrupt officals in the government is is to do a pedo check. Which we ran a short while ago and find some military and political leaders guilty and are pressing properly to remove them, for their insightly devil. Just the game it is a horrible game when it comes to cold war fighting Communist world domination theories, as apposed to Democeracy power sharing and proper tribal representation for each tribe to have their own time as leader if they prove up the points. 

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